We often tend to store an ext and more files on our Samsung Galaxy S7, even if it is for skilled reasons or just for an individual reasons. Phones are slowly replacing computers, and also without realizing it we uncover ourselves through an unimaginable volume of audio files, videos, photos, texts ... The brands have plainly identified this trend and also now market models with storage quantities that exceed 256 GB of interior memory, something rather unimaginable part time ago. Having actually storage room is one thing, being able to navigate the is another. This is why in this short article we will aid you organize her mobile phone and also see it more plainly by reflecting you exactly how to develop a folder on your Samsung Galaxy S7. V this in mind, to begin we will certainly teach you exactly how to develop an applications folder top top the home display screen of your Samsung Galaxy S7 and, secondly, exactly how to create a file folder in her phone's paper manager.

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How to create an applications folder ~ above Samsung Galaxy S7?

We therefore begin this overview by finding out the specifically simple manipulation because that create a brand-new applications folder on her Samsung Galaxy S7 . This form of file will enable you organize your various home screens , categorize your apps by usage or everything else functions for you, have cleaner homescreens, and also be more efficient when you want to open up a details app.

To develop an applications folder on her Samsung Galaxy S7, you will simply need to follow the adhering to instructions:

Unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7Go to the home display (swiping left or right) ~ above which over there is an app that you setup to include in this folderYou will now require a 2nd application ~ above the same screen, one of two people you currently have that on this screen, or you will retrieve the on an additional pane that the residence page and by long pressing ~ above the icon, maintaining the press and making it go to the left or right finish of the screen relying on where the screen on which your an initial app is located is located. Conversely, girlfriend will have to go straight to retrieve it in your list of applications by make a long press ~ above its icon and selecting \" Add to home »Make a lengthy press with your finger on among the 2 applications and superimpose that on the 2nd application, friend will watch a folder that applications developed on her Samsung Galaxy S7.You can now through performing the exact same manipulation add any application in this folderBy make a long press ~ above the document you deserve to rename or delete it

How to create paper folder ~ above Samsung Galaxy S7?

After having unveiled the method to create application files, we will certainly now uncover the manipulation because that create file folders on her Samsung Galaxy S7. This procedure is not more complex than that checked out previously. It will simply be supplied to theorem the papers on your mobile phone. This is especially valuable for civilization who have a the majority of photos, videos, music, or files for their work and also who would prefer to organize lock so the they can be found much more easily and also not rubbish time every time they find for them. A.

You will simply need to open her file manager i m sorry is more than likely in her list the apps. When on the last you will need to move to the folder in i beg your pardon you desire to create a subfolder then click the three tiny vertical dots and also click create a folder. now you just have to offer it a name and y copy or reduced / paste the records you desire to move there.

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