Welinvolved the Path of Exile Uber Elder Guide. The Uber Elder is among the many difficult boss fights in the game. In this encounter, we are going to fight both Elder and Shaper at the exact same time which renders it more difficult and harder to beat.

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Uber Elder Spawn Mechanics


The Elder have the right to be found on the Atlas by broadening his affect on the maps by completing within the bordering Shaper influenced maps. In order to generate Uber Elder, it will certainly call for that to influence the Shaper’s Realm through the Elders Influence by acquiring it on each of the Shaper’s Guardian maps.

You are necessary to acquire all Memory Fragments for Zana to obtain Elder’s influence on the Shaper’s Guardian maps, which contains beating the Shaper for the finaly memory fragment that gives the Elder Orb. Once this has been done, and you have actually opened the locked door within the Templar Laboratory, you will be able to have Shaper and also Elder influence on your Shaper’s Guardian maps.

Encountering Uber Elder

The Uber Elder have the right to be battled by advancing via the Epilogue quests by collecting all 15 Memory Fragments and also defeating the Shaper at least when. Later on, once a Tier 15 map is Elder-influenced, it will cause all Tier 16 maps to become Shaper-influenced. Clear all four maps and the Elder will certainly occupy The Shaper’s Realm. Then as usual, you must take out all 4 of the Elder’s Guardians to summon Uber Elder.

Unprefer the Shaper, tbelow will certainly be no mini-bosses to fight before you have the right to enrespond to the Uber Elder.

Absence of Value and Meaning

The Absence of Value and also Meaning is the name of the arena that the Uber Elder spawns. This arena does not have any special eco-friendly effects favor the Elder Guardians and will certainly constantly have the exact same size and also layout eexceptionally time.

Fighting Mechanics and Strategy

In this Uber Elder fight, you are going to fight both Shaper and also Elder at the same time. This is a really mechanical fight, which needs you to relocate a lot and also it will take some exercise. One of the bosses will certainly be infragile, alternating in between the 2 for eextremely 25% health shed. The inbreakable boss will certainly use less attacks than normal. When both bosses are at 25% health and wellness, both bosses will be fragile.

Tbelow are no unique phases from either boss. At each 1/4 health and wellness lost, the Elder or Shaper will certainly spawn adds. The Elder will certainly summon multiple Null Portals and also the Shaper networks a portal prefer in his constant fight. Both are indelicate in the time of this phase. The Elder will not usage his Petrifying Arc strike and the Shaper will certainly not use his Shadow Clone or Bullet Hell assault.

Here is the order for which Boss you fight:

Shaper → Elder → Elder Open Portals → Shaper → Elder → Shaper Open Portals→ Shaper → Elder → Elder Open Portals → Elder & Shaper

Arena Mechanics

During the fight, there will be arena events that will take place through their effects remaining for the entire boss fights.

Vortex Balls

These vortex balls will generate and follow you till they touch you. When it does, it will spawn a vortex on the ground that deals initial cold damages and cold damages degeneration when stepping it. Always remember to keep the vortex on the side of the arena to keep the boss fight easier.

Eldritch Tentacle Adds

Floating Eldritch Tentacle adds will spawn about the arena. These attack with lightning projectiles that deal minimal damages, however can apply a shock. The primary issue with these adds, is that they can drop Eldritch Decay Ground if left alive. This ground impact is dark gray and deals physical damage over time. Make certain to kill these as quickly as you view them before they deserve to drop this ground effect.

Part 1: Shaper


To begin, Elder is immune and also you will initially fight Shaper, bringing him down to 75% life.

ShaperMelee AttackShaper BeamGolden ProjectilesElderMelee AttackIce SpearsStrategy

Almeans stay mobile and also dodge strikes while dealing damages on the Shaper, specifically when he actors Shaper Beam or melee strikes. Shaper will certainly just actors Golden Projectiles when you are not in melee variety. Ignore Elder and dodge his strikes, pay attention to the Ice Spears strike.

Part 2: Elder


After you lug Shaper to 75% life, he will certainly then end up being immune, and also Elder will become fragile. Now you have to lug Elder to 75% life.

ElderMelee AttackIce SpearsRing of DeathShaperMelee AttackShaper BeamGolden ProjectilesStrategy

Ignore Shaper as he does not take damages anymore in this component however sideaction the Golden Projectiles just favor in the GIF above. Stay in the middle as soon as Elder starts to actors Ring of Death to prevent from taking enormous damage. Also, attempt to save the middle of the arena ameans from the vortex that spawns from the Vortex Balls.

Part 3: Elder Open Portal


Once they both reach 75% life, they will both come to be immune and Elder will perform an Open Portals move.

ElderOpen Portals – The Elder will move to the facility of the arena, open 4 portals that spawn tentacle adds for 25 secs. Throughout this time, the Elder and Shaper are immune. The adds are variants of the Tentacle style adds that strike via lightning projectiles that can use shock; However before, these adds carry out not drop Eldritch Decay. The portals have the right to be damaged, but they will certainly regenerate.Shaper

The Shaper will certainly proceed to use the very same assault from Part 1 and also 2 which are the Melee Attack, Shaper Beam and also Golden Projectiles.


You will want to continue to be mobile to prevent Shaper’s move. You can destroy the portals to slow-moving down the spawns but it will certainly re-appear aget in a minute. Focus on dodging Shaper’s strike but attempt to kill the adds as well so you don’t get overwhelmed by the adds.

Part 4: Shaper


After Elder’s Open Portals, you will certainly go back to fighting Shaper, bringing him to 50% life. During this component, Shaper will have a brand-new relocate.

ShaperMelee AttackShaper BeamGolden ProjectilesTeleport Slam – The Shaper spins and also disappears in a blanket of void, and also then teleports to the player’s place, followed by a powerful slam via a huge location of effect.ElderMelee AttackIce SpearsRing of DeathStrategy

Same strategy as the first Shaper fight yet use your motion capability to avoid acquiring hit from Teleport Slam.

Part 5: Elder


When the Shaper reaches 50% life, he will certainly be indelicate aget. Now it’s time to bring Elder to 50% life. Throughout this component, Elder will have a new move.

ElderMelee AttackIce SpearsRing of DeathSiphon – The Elder will disshow up right into the ground and also reappear behind your character, applying sprouting madness. This ability slows down your activity rate greatly, he will certainly then produce a white outlined semi-circle wbelow he will certainly drain the life from you, dealing physical damages over time.ShaperMelee AttackShaper BeamGolden ProjectilesStrategy

Siphon skill is a physical damages over time that deserve to be avoided by standing exterior of the targeted location. Other than that, everything is very same as the previous part. Almethods continue to be mobile to avoid from obtaining hit by hefty attacks.

Part 6: Shaper Open Portal


Once they both reach 50% life, they will both come to be immune and also Shaper will percreate an Open Portal relocate.

ShaperOpen Portal – The Shaper will move to the top left or best parts of the arena and open a portal, spawning monsters for 25 seconds. Throughout this time, the Shaper & Elder are immune.ElderMelee AttackIce SpearsRing of DeathStrategy

This portal phase is much less complicated than the Elder’s portal, as tbelow is just one portal resource and straightforward monsters within it. You will certainly simply have to try and keep out of suggest blank selection of the Elder, so you don’t gain slammed by his spear projectiles. Unchoose in the Shaper fight, these adds from the portal will not damage Zana, so you deserve to take your time killing them and also kiting Elder roughly.

Part 7: Shaper


After Shaper’s Portal, you will certainly be earlier to fight Shaper to 25% life.

ShaperMelee AttackShaper BeamGolden ProjectilesTeleport SlamElderMelee AttackIce SpearsRing of DeathStrategy

Same strategy however there will certainly be more vortex about the map, continue to be safe and be mindful.

Part 8: Elder


Now, you are going to should bring Elder to 25% life. Elder will get two brand-new abilities in this component.

ElderMelee AttackIce SpearsRing of DeathSiphonSlamming Tentacle Whip – The Elder will ascfinish into the air and also summon multiple conjoined tentacles that slams the ground around them, dealing physical damages in a small area of impact.Rising Slam – The Elder spins about, launching multiple cold damage projectiles that influence in a ring approximately him, then teleports ameans. He will certainly then teleport to your area and perform a slam that deals hefty physical damages.ShaperMelee AttackShaper BeamGolden ProjectilesStrategy

This is when Elder gets the remainder of his moves and also the fight gets even more chaotic. You will have to pay cshed attention to the moves that Elder is spreading to not take unvital damages. Do your finest to obtain damage in on the Elder when he is percreating his basic moves, and also obtain out of the method once he goes for a Siphon, Slamming Tentacles or Rising Slam.

Part 9: Elder Open Portal


Once both Shaper and Elder reaches 25% life, they will both come to be inbreakable and also Elder will open up portal for the one last time.

ElderOpen PortalShaperMelee AttackShaper BeamGolden ProjectilesStrategy

Same precise component as the previous Elder open portal yet even more dangerous because of the arena mechanics, Vortex Balls and Eldritch Tentacle Adds.

Part 10: Elder and also Shaper


After Elder’s open portal part, both bosses will be delicate yet permitting them to use their full skill sets.


Melee AttackShaper BeamGolden ProjectilesTeleport Slam


Melee AttackIce SpearsRing of DeathSiphonSlamming Tentacle WhipRising SlamStrategy

This is the most tough part among the remainder, with both Shaper and also Elder utilizing their full ability sets. You can assault both Shaper and also Elder but you will certainly want to take down Shaper initially. The Elder will not be rerelocated from the arena once he falls to 0% life if the Shaper is still alive. You will certainly always want to kill Shaper first, then Elder.

Keep continuing to be mobile and also prevent all the hefty assaults and also attack whenever you can.

Preparing Against the Uber Elder

Life Sustain

(Flask, HP Regeneration, Life Leech) – The Elder has many type of moves that degeneprices your HP and also it is inescapable, you are going to require some sort of protective life sustain.

Physical Damage Mitigations

Arctic Armour is an extremely excellent buff to alleviate both physical damage and also fire damages taken. It can mitigate up to 13% physical damage and 12% fire damage taken at Level 20 ability gem.

Basalt Flask can reduce approximately 15% physical damages taken while on use. One of the finest and cheap defensive flasks in the game versus physical damages.


Fortify is among the best protective buffs in game which reduce damages taken by 20%. If you are a melee construct, feel totally free to rerelocate one of your melee strike supports with a Fortify Support.

Cold Damage Mitigations

Sapphire Flask is a really cheap alternative while being really efficient to mitigates cold damage. Gain a total of +50% cold resistance via +6% to max cold resistance. Taste of Hate is an distinct version of the Sapphire Flask and also it is very effective for attack-based builds. Taste of Hate has actually the physical damage taken as elemental home. With Taste of Hate active, a section of physical damages is taken as cold damage.

Purity of Ice is a protective cold resistance aura that offers a bunch of cold resistance and also a lot of importantly, maximum cold resistance %. Total of 4% maximum cold resistance at ability gem Level 20.

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Movement Speed


Due to the fact that tbelow are the majority of motion required in this boss fight, a Quicksilver Flask will certainly come in handy. Find one that is enchanted with a bonus movement rate mod and even more charges mod. They must not be tough to acquire.