I love sniping and have diamond snipers but cannot for the life of me quickscope. If any of you can, do you have any tips? Thanks.

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Turn your sensitivity up to 13 and go in to SND match wait until it's you vs 3 enemies, run after them while spinning in circles and possibly trying to get a kill.

If you can kill at least 1 enemy while looking like an idiot, then and only then you have mastered the art of quickscoping.

Focus on keeping your crosshairs exactly where the enemy is most likely to be. Don't let your crosshairs wander off when running, looking at the minimap, etc.

Pick a sensitivity and stick to it. Practice on bots. After a while you'll figure out exactly how much you'll need to move your crosshairs to get a kill if you're not perfectly centered on the enemy.

Same principals as every other COD, just your centering has to be on point.

Same rules apply

STOP still before you center

Aim (aim without your scope)

scope in and Kill

QS has not changed, its just the movement speed fks up the traditional long range sniping. and add every other gun has aim assist, which is so unbalanced.

I am by no means a quick scoper or sniper player, but for shotguns on hc I put a small square from a stick note in the middle of my screen(ads then place it on the iron sight/scope) this way you always know exactly where your cross hair will line up when you ads letting you line up the shot a bit before your ads is finished.

Yeah I did that too but it's really awkward when the person is running and it turns out it doesn't really do anything for me but I still keep it on

You must master learning how to snap onto targets when you scope in off target. Get used to your sensitivity and learn how to correct yourself when you aim off target. Also if a target is moving aim a few steps in front of them not where they are.

This is me after playing on 8 sensitivity (I was on 5-6 for the longest) : https://twitter.com/tjmr15/status/691365665555496963

once I switched to 8 I was able to get used to snapping onto people. Quick scoping is pretty much still the same..just aim on target and shoot quickly, but sniping fast but not really quick scoping has changed and you must get used to the lack of aim assist.

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