It’s simple to highlight continuous text in Google Docs. All you have to carry out is drag your cursor across the display. Google Docs additionally offers multiple approaches for selecting the whole record.

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For instance, you have the right to press Control (or Command) + A or choose the ‘Select all’ choice from the Edit menu. You deserve to check out about the methods for picking the whole text in Google Docs right here.

However, tright here is one type of text selection that is not straightforward to carry out in Google Docs. This is the selection of non-constant text. For example, sometimes you may desire to choose a word in paragraph 1 and also one more word in paragraph 5.

In MS Word and some various other word handling apps, you can execute this by pushing the Control essential and also clicking on the message. This key-board shortreduced doesn’t job-related in Google Docs.

So, exactly how exactly carry out you pick multiple non-constant words in Google Docs? We will certainly be answering this question in this article. The complying with is one strategy you have the right to use to perform this task:

Selecting all matching text

Note that this write-up is intfinished for complete beginners. Hence, you deserve to follow along even if you have actually incredibly little to no endure through Google Docs.

With that development, let’s acquire began.

Method 1: Selecting all equivalent text

This method is one reliable means of picking non-constant text in Google Docs. You initially have to individually format the message you want to pick in a certain means (e.g. make them bold).

Then, select the ‘Select all corresponding text’ choice, which will certainly choose all the message via the exact same format. Once all the corresponding text has actually been selected, you have the right to percreate an procedure on the selected message (e.g. copy them).

Below are the measures for this strategy.

Tip 1: Open your Google Docs document.

The initially step is to open up the Google Docs record in which you would certainly prefer to make the selection. To do this, form in the search bar of your internet browser. This will certainly open the Google Docs homeweb page. To open your record, click on a record under ‘Recent documents’. Make certain that you are first signed into your Google account.

If you don’t already have a document you’d choose to open, you deserve to create a new one. One method of developing a brand-new document is to create a blank record. To carry out this, sindicate click the plus sign at the peak of the screen. This will certainly open a brand-new tab with an empty document. Another way of producing a empty record is by inputting docs.brand-new in your browser’s search bar.

You deserve to likewise pick from the countless templates Google Docs offers. Tbelow are templates obtainable for everything from invoices to resumes. To have a look at the accessible templates, click the ‘Template Gallery’ switch at the optimal best edge. Select any type of of the templates and begin modifying them to produce your record.


Step 2: Identify the text you would certainly prefer to pick. Then, format them.

Next, determine the message you would prefer to select. For example, you might desire to pick a word in the second paragraph and an additional word in the fifth paragraph. Once you have actually identified the message, format them. Highlight the text using your cursor and also pick among the formatting alternatives. You can format this message any type of way you like: make it bold, italicize it, add a background colour and so on. Make sure that all the message you would certainly prefer to pick is formatted the same way.

If you already know the text you would certainly like to pick, you can the Find option. Simply push Control (or Command) + F and also form the message in the search box that appears.

Also make sure that the formatting of the message you want to select is distinctive from the formatting of other text. For example, if you already have actually bold message in your record, don’t use the bold formatting for the message you would like to pick. Here’s an example:

Tip 3: Select the ‘Select all equivalent text’ option.

Next off, right-click any of the words you have actually simply formatted. A drop down menu will open up. From this drop down food selection, click the ‘Select all corresponding text’ alternative. Doing so will pick all the message which has the exact same formatting.


Step 4: Perdevelop any type of procedure on your schosen message.

You deserve to now percreate any procedure on your selected message. For instance, to copy only the schosen message, push Control (or Command, if you’re a Mac user) + C.


This brings us to the end of our article! Here’s a brief recap of everything we covered.

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Google Docs doesn’t have actually a default choice that enables you to select non-continuous message. This is why you have to use an alternative approach. First, format your message in a certain method. Some examples incorporate making your text bold, altering its background colour and also underlining it. Then, select the ‘Select all equivalent text’ alternative.