I"ve taken a 4 year break from MGS V:TPP after finishing it in 2016. Now I want to jump earlier in through a fresh playvia so I can reexperience the battle of growing Mother Base from it"s starts. However, I don"t view an option to recollection my progression in the primary food selection. Is there somepoint I"m missing?


No, you cannot completely recollection your development in this game. Developer Konami has actually not implemented a attribute that allows you to start over. Other alternatives choose deleting your saved data off your tough drive additionally do not reset the game as your progression is recovered as soon as you boot the game and sync via Konami servers.

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For a partial success you have the right to disattach your consingle or computer from the internet, delete your save off your hard drive, and loading the game in the disconnected state to proccasion development from syncing with the online servers. This will geneprice a brand-new game on your neighborhood device, and when you reaffix to the internet the conserve stored on Konami servers appears to be overcreated.

There"s a huge caveat though: your online development is always maintained. This means FOB advance, online GMP, vehicles, gun emplacements, and also resources all remain as they are component of your digital development. If you do not wish to replay via access to the 43 Magloader tanks you obtained throughout your previous playwith then you need to remajor disassociated to the internet and also never before sync via the virtual servers. Nevertheless, your research/development, staff dimension, and mission progression will be reset if you delete your save while offline - you"ll have a excess of offers and not enough staff to manage them.

You might want to contact Konami assistance and also watch if they deserve to clear your virtual progress, but they will not be able to. I opened a assistance ticket via Konami to reset my virtual progression and also this is their response:

Hello, Thank you for call KONAMI Customer Support.

In order to have actually a relatively managed business, we are not able to carry out supportconcerning rewinding virtual data to the initial state. We apologizethat we were not able to accomplish your expectations regarding this matter.


No dice. So what can you perform about this? Well, not much. You"ll have to either begin a brand-new game through a overwhelming amount of provides from your previous playvia or find some means to get rid of them prior to deleting your regional save. I"ve discovered the fastest method to be to offer my vehicles and gun emplacements then visit a remote corner of Afghanistan and speak to a nonsoptimal series of GMP-consuming air bombardments. That still takes a far-reaching amount of time to reduce your GMP to zero after marketing a nation"s worth of army surplus and also I think it wouldn"t be worth it for a lot of human being.

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If you really want to rebegin your progress in MGS V:TPP you"ll need to work out for resetting mission and Mother Base progression, bereason you can not reset whatever.