I"ve been practicing my C# lately on a brand-new mechanism. Compiling is fine, however once I attempt to run the produced .exe file, avast! thinks it is malware and also runs it in the sandbox for a while (and also it doesn"t work in the sandbox as it have to work normally), and also only once it has finimelted scanning it will certainly it let me run it generally.

When I attempt to run it aget, most of the moment the very same process happens, whether I make changes to the code or not.

Is there any type of way I could play roughly with Avast"s settings to sheight it attacking my programs?

Note: I"m handling incredibly simple, command prompt programs below.

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According to a user hands-on that I was able to uncover for version 4.8(check out page 40), You need to perform as the comments suggest and add your obj catalog or bin catalog to the exclusions list.

According to a post I found in the Asubstantial forums from 2011 you deserve to additionally include exclusions for single papers by:

...manually edit the line wright here the route for the exemption is. So, using the "browse" button, choose initially the folder, and then modify the resulting course and also "add" to exclusions. You deserve to also use "*" and also "?".


You have to disable Ahuge DeepScreen:

Open Alarge user interface>Settings>Antivirus uninspect, Enable DeepDisplay.


It is currently a much smaller sized option on the same page, (6th one down)

The option is harder to find (in my opinion) for the various version I have actually (version in the image).

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In Alarge Premier 2017, disabling Hardened Mode does nothing! Instead you have to disable CyberCapture as displayed below:



As others have actually mentioned, the culprit is DeepScreen. It"s specifically bad if you have actually Avast collection to Silent/gaming mode bereason then you can obtain unexpected/bizarre behavior and have no principle why. (I invested an entire day debugging the installer for a regime I"m emerging bereason it unexpectedly began running twice eextremely single time I released it--DeepScreen is very forgetful--and also just prospering on the the second run.)

Going under Setups, Update, Details, you can revolve off popups for the majority of them--the annoying update-connected popups, which must make it much easier to job-related undisturbed, play video games, and so on But DeepDisplay popups still pop up!

CANNOT DISABLE DEEPSCREEN: I"ve tried disabling DeepDisplay completely (under Setups, Antivirus), given that it"s so disruptive, yet this checkbox appears to have actually no effect.

Unfortunately, the only method I currently have actually of disabling DeepScreen (in Avast 2014.9.0.2021) is to disable all shields! And I"m not also sure that this is functioning, because I periodically obtain DeepScreen popups even with all shields disabled. Avast can"t be prevented from beginning with Windows in the time of boot, so maybe uninstalling Avast is the just solution.