I want to rebind mouse1, change, ctrl and also some other secrets so that they also clear decals in csgo. I did that in autoexec.cfg:

bind r "+reload; r_cleardecals"bind change "+speed; r_cleardecals"bind ctrl "+duck; r_cleardecals"bind mouse1 "+attack; r_cleardecals"However before these bindings are being overwritten by straightforward bindings which are set up in csgo settings. Is there a method to proccasion them from being reset? Ideally I desire to be able to lug autoexec.cfg to a new computer system via csgo and have actually everything configured tbelow simply functioning.

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asked Jan 28 "15 at 8:42

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What you deserve to perform is to run CS:GO, open console, then unbind said keys before you rebind them.To open consingle, you should permit it trough the alternatives food selection, under crucial bindings and advanced settings. You deserve to additionally right-click CS:GO in your steam game library and also choose "launch options". Tbelow you should compose -consingle. Done effectively and the consingle will be open once you start the game again. I recommend you carry out a bindtoggle < keyname > console to ensure you gain easy access to the consingle at a later on point.

In console, write:

unbind < Keyname >

Then you deserve to rebind them using bind < keyname > < command also >

The unbind component might not be necessary, however it"s reasonable to execute so you are certain the tricks are entirely set to ONLY be bound the way you desire.

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answered Jan 28 "15 at 9:29

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host_writeconfigAdd this command also in the end of autoexec.cfg - this command also will certainly compose all the stuff that is configured in autoexec.cfg into config.cfg, so once config.cfg is loaded after autoexec.cfg, it will certainly have all the necessary bindings.

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answered Jan 29 "15 at 4:40

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