​The number outfit Blackout is a an outcome of Treyarch doing its call of Duty: black color Ops 4 a hard by unlocking every one of the Specialist personalities in Blackout. Unlocking a personality in Blackout forced players to complete a personality mission. Due to the fact that all characters are already unlocked, Treyarch decided to give ago to the players.

Here's how to unlock The numbers outfit in Blackout.

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Completion of #Blackout character obstacles now rewards the player with \"The Numbers\" outfit for that Specialist (via

​​The numbers Outfit Blackout: exactly how to Unlock the one-of-a-kind Outfit in black Ops 4

Unlocking The number outfit is really simple. At least, the thought process behind that is. ​Completing a character mission in Blackout unlocks the outfit because that the details specialist. If you currently unlocked the character in Blackout, friend will get the outfit automatically. 

It takes away from the early idea of walk through gamings trying to complete details challenges, however maybe the lack of ​starting personalities in Blackout pushed Treyarch to completely unlock a collection of them. 

Or, perhaps chasing down obstacles for an outfit is an ext incentivizing. Though, the outfit is only for Blackout. It's​ a flashy outfit play off of the numbers plot device from the original speak to of Duty: black color Ops. 

​Drop into a Blackout video game now to shot and unlock The number outfit for your favorite Specialist.

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