Getting fired is bad enough. But gaining fired on your day off might seem favor an additional level of disrespect.

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People, righttotally so, are under the impression that you cannot get fired on a day wbelow you did not come into work.

But your job can disagree. Your employer does can fire you at any kind of time. This is referred to as at-will certainly employment.

And, yes, your agency deserve to fire you on your day off.

Who Got Fired on Their Day Off?

As an employment lawyer, it’s rare that I have actually the opportunity to incorporate pop society with the law.

This is one of those rare times.

In the movie Friday, Craig, famously portrayed by Ice Cube, gets fired on his day off. Famously, this firing sets in activity the events of the cult classic.

As Smocrucial famously says after finding out of Craig’s termicountry, it’s “Friday; you ain’t got no job… and also you ain’t acquired sh** to do.”

This leads Craig to embark down a route where he ultimately confronts Deebo in the film’s climax.

Unfortunately, although this movie is fiction, the part about being fired on your day off is true.

Can You Get Fired on Your Day Off?

You might understand that the employment law is at will certainly. This indicates that your employer have the right to fire you for any type of non-illegal factors.

Illegal reasons frequently involve discrimicountry or retaliation.

Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, discriminatory factors include:

Sex discriminationSexual orientation discriminationNational origin discriminationGender identity discriminationRacial discriminationReligious discriminationEthnicity discriminationAge discriminationDiscapacity discriminationMarital status discriminationPregnancy discriminationGenetic indevelopment discrimination

Additional, your company’s factors for termination cannot be retaliatory. Retaliation indicates that your firm took an adverse employment action against you because you engaged in defended conduct.

Adverse employment actions frequently is composed of:

Filing a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity CommissionReporting an employment violationThreatening to sueRefutilizing to engage in an illegal activityReporting harassment 

Your Job is Not Protected When You are Off

It’s a prevalent misconception that taking time off work provides you project protection. To the contrary, there is no federal regulation requiring employers to provide you vacation or paid time off.

Employers commonly offer you this time to incur great will certainly. Some states carry out, however, call for it.

But your employer is still free to fire you for any non-discriminatory reason.

You Have Some Protection for FMLA Leave

You do have some protection if you take time off under the Family and also Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

But also then, the protection only goes so much. Job security means that your employer cannot interfere through your appropriate to take leave, if you qualify. And your employer likewise cannot interfere with your best, if you qualify.

But it does not intend that your employer cannot fire you. If your employer has actually a legitimate factor for your termicountry, they have the right to continue via it.

Most work tfinish to stop firing employers while on leave. Doing so runs the danger of retaliation or interference claims.

But these termicountries carry out still occur. And they are not illegal if your company’s decision to terminate you was not encouraged by an illegal reason.

How Do I Exsimple Being Fired for No Reason

If you were fired on your day off, you can think that your employer had actually no reason to fire you.

But that’s not always the case. Your performance could have been negative. This termination might have actually been a long time coming.

You need to consider asking your employer for a factor for the termicountry if your agency did not administer one.

The next project you seek may ask why your firm fired you. Although this might not be somepoint you desire to share with your new job, you might have to.

Honesty could be the best policy. That’s why you need to attempt to acquire as much information as possible from your former employer.

You desire to know all the factors for your termicountry. This means you deserve to craft a great explacountry for your termination.

You have the right to additionally rotate weaknesses into a positive discovering suffer. If your former employer fired you for being late, you can currently explain to your new employer the steps you will require to never let this happen aobtain.

This might not always job-related. But it’s a action in the best direction. 

What if My Employer Refuses to Give a Reason?

If your previous employer refoffers to provide a factor, you can desire to sheight with an employment lawyer.

A company’s faitempt to provide a factor for the termination can suggest that your firing was illegal.

Generally, suppliers provide a factor. They do not want an employment lawyer to later on argue that the firing was pretext.

In an employment lawsuit, a firm must usually carry out a nondiscriminatory factor for the termicountry. If they can’t you have an excellent opportunity of winning your instance.

If they fairesulted in provide a factor at the time of your firing, but carry out one later, you can argue that the reason was pretextual.

This suggests that the company’s provided factor was not the real factor for your termicountry. 


Getting fired on your day off adds insult to injury. Your firm couldn’t also take the moment to tell you to your challenge.

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Unfortunately, your company can execute this. But just if the reason they fired you was not illegal.

If you suspect that the factor was illegal, you should call an employment lawyer. We aid advise you on your legal choices.

Did your company fire you on your day off? Did they provide you through a reason? What will certainly you perform if they did not?