Hyde Suncollection Kitchen + Cocktails is one more venue under SBE Group, however right here you’ll find the beautiful hybridization between food and also partying. Hyde Suncollection areas a focus on combining its amazing Californian cuisine with revelry, creating an setting where you are able to gain good food as you enjoy your night out. At Hyde, neither the quality of dining nor nightlife is sacrificed, and the guests are able to go earlier and forth in between eating, drinking, and also dancing between the kitchen, patio, and nightclub percent which functions plenty of tables via bottle organization. Anvarious other exclusive Hollytimber favorite of ours that functions a beautiful and advanced crowd, bottle business is often recommfinished to maximize the experience right here.

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Insider Tips

Monday night is a mix of brand-new and also old hip hop.This is a smaller venue – capacity is around 500 world.They are pretty exclusive at the door bereason of the limited capacity. Bottle Service is compelled for enattempt.You’ll often uncover the majority of huge name Hip Hop artists performing right here on weekends.

General Information

Where is Hyde Suncollection located?

Hyde Suncollection is located at Laurel Canyon and Sunset.

How a lot is cover charge at Hyde Sunset?

Hyde is a restaurant in the time of the day, and a nightclub at night. Hyde Sunset does not charge cover – it’s a bottle service only venue.

How long will I have to wait at Hyde Sunset?

Expect to wait everywhere from 15-30+ minutes.

When is Hyde Suncollection open?

Hyde Sunset is a restaurant on the majority of nights. The lounge/nightclub starts at roughly 10:30.

What are the ideal nights to go to Hyde Sunset?

Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are all great.

What is the dress code at Hyde Sunset?

Dress to impress! This is a high end nightlife venue.

Is there parking near Hyde Sunset?

There is valet and some street parking surrounding but be sure to examine the signs.

How a lot carry out drinks price at Hyde Sunset?

Drinks right here are on the even more expensive end. Bottles start at $500 aitem.

Who are the resident DJs?

Hyde Suncollection features DJs spinning Top 40, hip hop, etc. Once in a while if you’re lucky you’ll catch a performance by a artist favor Justin Bieber.

What kind of music execute they play at Hyde Sunset?

Hyde Sunset is a hip hop venue.

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Where have the right to I uncover an list of upcoming occasions / DJs at Hyde Sunset?

You can downfill the occupychristmas.org application to check out upcoming occasions, and book tables for Hyde Sunset.