Description: 10 seconds sound clip from the Step Brothers (2008) movie soundboard.

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You deserve to hear this line at 00:32:07 in the Blu-ray version of the movie.

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- What is your problem, man?

- My problem? I do not recognize. I don"t have actually a trouble. Actually, I have the oppowebsite of a problem: I made over 550 K last year. How much did you make?

- It"s not around money.

- No, it"s not around money. Well, for me, it"s a small little around money and I made that a lot money last year.

- I am the VP of the greatest executive-helicopter-leasing company on the Western Seaboard. Okay?

- I haven"t had a carb since 2004. Check these out. See these? See these boys? This is what I live with.

- Eextremely day I lather this up via Kiehl"s in the shower.

- You wanna touch this shit? You wanna touch these poor boys? Sorry, not gonna happen.

- Is there something you want?

- Look, I promised Mom I"d offer you a project.

- I told her it"d count as her Christmas present, so...


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Tip Brothers (2008) Sound Clip


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Actors: Will Ferrell (Brennan Huff), John C. Reilly (Dale Doback), Ricdifficult Jenkins (Robert Doback), Mary Steenburgen (Nancy Huff), Adam Scott (Derek Huff), Kathryn Hahn (Alice Huff)

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