Money. Power. Ambition.Los Angeles-based novelist Jessica Knoll is make no apologies because that wanting it all in one opinion piece she wrote for The new York time titled, \"I want to be Rich and also I\"m no Sorry.\"
\"Ever since I was a tiny girl, my fairy story ending affiliated a pantsuit, not a wedding dress. Success meant doing miscellaneous well sufficient to secure independence,\" she wrote.She added, \"Success, because that me, is associated with make money.\"Knoll, who appeared on \"Good Morning America\" Tuesday, said, \"It\"s crucial for females to gain comfortable v being really direct and very candid about their purposes and about their ambitions.\"Knoll\"s buzzed-about essay has prompted reactions from stars favor Amy Schumer and also Reese Witherspoon, who tweeted: \"It\"s ok to it is in an ambitious woman. It\"s actually an ext than ok ... It\"s GOALS.\"