There are many different hair colors to choose from. We don’t simply mean blonde, red and also brvery own. We are likewise talking about embracing different rainbow colors. Think purple, pink, and of course, blue. A happy tool in between dark and also pastel blue, light blue hair color is among the most popular unherbal hair colors to wear this seachild.

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Cool and also Fun Light Blue Hair

Darker blue shades are stunning, however tright here is somepoint exceptionally cool about light blue hair. It adds an icy finish to your look. If you’re uncertain about whether you desire to go for aqua hair or powder blue, or a mix, inspect out these 30 different dye job ideas for inspiration.

#1: Aqua and Bideal Blue Hair

This two-tone hair color looks like the sea many thanks to the mix of the bideal blue layers on the height of the head and also the soft aqua shades flowing in the direction of the ends. The loose braid through wavy texture just boosts the likeness.



#3: Angled Blue Bob

An icy blue dye task is a perfect method to boost a haircut. This bold blue color functions fantastically via the straight, angled bob. The hint of dark roots adds a little more edge to the style.


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#5: Dark Blue to Light Blue Ombre Waves

This is an excellent alternative for girls that are intimidated by a full head of light blue hair. The roots start off denim blue-black and also lighten up midway dvery own to light pastel blue.



#7: Blue and Oarray Half-and-Half Hair

A separation hair shade is perfect for those who cannot comprise their minds in between 2 shades. For the most striking end up, select 2 opposite hues on the shade wheel, like they did via this blue and ovariety break-up dyed hair.

#8: Bouncy Blue and Purple Curls

Here, the cobalt blue highlights woven in with the aqua base offer the illusion of an remarkable body. Make your light blue hair dye occupational to your advantage even even more by asking your colorist to produce a look that plays around blue and purple hair color.

#9: Gray Locks with Bappropriate Blue Underlayer

Combine gray hair through light blue locks to tick off two hair color trends in one look. The bright blue underlayer is a surpclimbing complete to this lengthy ‘execute. Play approximately through various hairlayouts to expose as a lot blue as you desire.

#10: Braided Blue ‘Do via Undercut

Wherever before you look at this edgy hairstyle, tbelow is an amazing aspect to observe. The long hair blends light blue with pale green in a loose brhelp. Add in a carved underreduced and also you’ll obtain one cool look.



#17: Shades of Blue Loose Hairstyle

Light blue to dark blue ombre isn’t the only solution for pastel blue hair. Here’s your proof that light blue hair isn’t minimal to one or two colors. Apart from silver, you deserve to likewise throw some light blue and purple streaks right into the mix.

#18: Cobalt Blue to Turquoise

This dreamy look will make anyone a fan of blue ombre hair. The change from the cobalt blue roots to turquoise ends is extremely smooth because of the method the shades melt right into each other seamlessly.

#19: Blue Hair through Lilac Highlights

Blue and purple loss alongside each various other on the color wheel, so it’s no surpincrease that they look beautiful in a dye job. The lilac highlights play up the coolness of the aqua blue base.

#20: Dark Roots for Icy Blue Hair

Here is some gorgeous mermassist hair. Just look at those lengthy, pastel waves. The light blue hair gets some unsupposed edge many thanks to the babsence roots.

#21: Long Blue and Blond Hair

The author of this marvelous dye project dubbed it “winter snowflakes”, and no wonder why! This blonde and blue hair looks mega-inspirational. Ombre begins via bappropriate blue roots and also ends through almost white tips. Copy it, and you will certainly feel yourself a genuine ice princess.

#22: Blond and Blue Bob Hair

We love whatever about the following hairstyle: it’s asymmetric form, slightly messy finish, silver blonde and pastel blue shades. Blonde and blue always go well together, it’s a color duet you might go for without any type of threats. If you have light hair, of course.



#29: Gray and also Light Blue Colormelt

Pastel shades of blue through silver locks are a good fit for a womale of any age. For older females it is a good possibility to cover gray hair, for any type of younger girl – to include wisdom to appearance.

#30: Medium Aqua Blue Hair

Bright aqua blue hair is among our top ideas not accidentally. It goes well through all hair lengths and also textures, all skin tones and also eye colors. Here, exposed dark roots visually include measurement to the hairstyle. Tousled waves frame the face perfectly. Note, that makeup is incredibly neutral. Remember this pointer if you want to look natural also with such a dreamchoose hair shade.

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Whether you go for teal, aqua, baby blue or an ombre look, you cannot go wrong with light blue hair. There are so many type of different shades and also color combicountries that you’re guaranteed to uncover one that suits you.