Also, fly in the teeth of. Act in direct opposition to or defiance of. For example, This decision flies in the face of all precedent, or They went out without permission, flying in the teeth of home rules. This metaphoric expression alludes to a physical assault.

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Fly in the face of suggests to directly challenge something or act in defiance of something, as in His bold behavior flies in the confront of every little thing we intend from a vice president.

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When someone or something flies in the face of something, they are not obeying it and are acting in a method that is contradictory or completely opposed to tradition, rules, or what is intended. Fly in the confront of deserve to explain actions that is done out of ignorance, out of overlook, or out of disdain for whatever before is being acted in opposition to.

Example: The unorthodox journalist doesn’t choose to follow the rules and also regularly flies in the challenge of her editor’s advice.

The initially records of fly in the challenge of come from about the mid-1500s. This expression alludes to physically hitting a person in the confront, an aggressive activity. Fly in the teeth of is a variant of fly in the confront of.

Fly in the challenge of is frequently used in descriptions or news stories around world or groups that behave strangely, oddly, suddenly, or defiantly. You would certainly likely use this expression once someone is plainly selecting to not follow the rules or traditions bereason they are unaware of them or, even more most likely, they don’t care around them or hate them.

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fly in the teeth of

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Fly in the confront of is frequently used to define habits that a perchild thinks is unorthodox, shocking, scandalous, or defiant.

Reading Steve Jobs biography has really liberated me. He had actually so many RULES/VALUES which flew in the face of typical business wisdom!

— bevysmith (
bevysmith) December 4, 2011

Without Kanye West and also Andre 3000, there would certainly be no Drake or Kid Cudi. They flew in the challenge of hip-hop cliches & recomposed the rules.

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— D. Hunter Schwarz (
hunterschwarz) November 17, 2011

When compared against big-budget video game titles, ‘qomp’ sticks out favor a sore thumb. Its short, simple, minimalist aesthetic flies in the face of other acclaimed releases. And it works.


Is fly in the confront of used effectively in the complying with sentence?

Her bold, unmeant moves flew in the confront of commonly embraced chess strategy and also recorded all of her opponents off guard.

invalidate, reverse, neutralize, void, unexecute, dispermit, nullify, belie, vitiate, disprove, reyet, annihilate, cancel out, prevent, deny, face, defy, disagree, attack, fight