The velocity of light is by far the greatest in air. There is nothing in waiting to prevent or impede the activity of light in air. Once light travels in wait it will not stop unless running right into clouds, smoke, smoke, droplets, or impurities. Any type of other substance is harder for light to travel through.

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A pop party is to be provided as a musical instrument. The bottle is 26.0 cm tall and the height of the water is 9.00 cm. Treat the

504.41 Hz



Height that the bottle, h = 26 cm

height that the water, l = 9 cm

Length that the pipe

L =h - l

L =26 - 9 = 17 cm

Fundamental frequency the closed-open pipe


v = rate of sound, v = 343 m/s


f = 504.41 Hz

Fundamental frequency of party is equal to 504.41 Hz

A linear, confident relationship.


The heat is straight. This way its linear. Due to the fact that you review a graph left come right and the heat is going up, the is a positive direct relationship.

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The acceleration the the body, a = 2193 m/s²



The massive of the body, m = 0.3 kg

The force acting ~ above the body, F = 657.9 N

The force acting on things is proportional to the product that mass and also acceleration of the body.

F = m x a

Therefore, the acceleration of the body is

a = F / m

= 657.9 N / 0.3 kg

= 2193 m/s²

Hence, the acceleration the the body, a = 2193 m/s²

Refer come a instance where you exert a force F top top a crate of massive M, relocating it at a speed v a street d throughout a floor in a tim

e.) strength you supply to the crate


According to given data, us have:

F = force exerted on the crate

M = mass of the crate

v = speed of activity of the crate

d = distance traveled by the crate across the floor

t = Time expression passed

Now, we shot to analyze the offered quantity:

=> F d/t

=> (Force)(Displacement)/(Time)

but, (Force)(Displacement) = work Done


=> job-related Done/Time

but, work Done/Time = Power


=> Power

Hence, the amount F d/t is:

e.) power you supply to the crate

Suppose you push your physics book versus a wall surface hard sufficient to save it indigenous moving. Walk the friction pressure on the book allude
The friction force is constantly opposed come the activity direction. Here, there is no friction, your publication would relocate down. Together the publication is immobile the friction pressure is sharp upwards and it perfect counteracts heaviness (value m*g).Any questions?