IT Networking Training Catalog – 70-410 – Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 R2 (MCSA/MCSE) Series!

Overview: This series explains how to install and also configure Windows Server 2012 R2. Students will certainly learn the basics of the server, server 2012 monitoring, working via server core, configuring regional storage and file and also print access. Students will likewise learn around remote monitoring, virtualization, the TCP/IP Protocol Suite, DHCP, DNS, Active Directory doprimary solutions and also Windows defense.

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Career Path: Earning an MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification qualifies you for a position as a netoccupational or computer units administrator or as a computer system netjob-related specialist, and also it is the first action on your course to becoming a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE).

Certification Details

Prove your mastery of the main collection of Windows Server 2012 skills compelled to reduce IT costs and also deliver more organization worth. This certification confirms that a candiday has the skills and also expertise essential for implementing, regulating, keeping, and provisioning solutions and facilities in a Windows Server 2012 setting.

Certification Exam Details:Installing and also Configuring Windows Server 2012 – Exam 70-410: Discover More about this certification exam.

Series Taught By: Sandra Batakis

Available CEUs for Course Series Completion: 17Students deserve to earn as much as 17 CEUs for fully completing this course series. This information will certainly be displayed on the certificate of completion. Learn More

Module 01 -Server 2012 Summary

(Duration: 1h 10m)

Workbook (Pdf)Server 2012 OverviewOn Premise vs. CloudTypical Cloud ComputingCloud ComputingLocal Reresources Provided to ClientsWindows Server 2012 EditionsServer 2012 Server RolesFeatures with Windows Server 2012Server CoreInstallation OptionsInstall Options IntegratedMedia FormatsWindows DSOther Install OptionsDemo – Installing Windows 2012 EnterpriseWindows Server InstallationServer UpgradesServer MigrationMinimum Hardware RequirementsInstallation StepsMessage Server Installation Tasks – Round OneDemo – Summary to Server ManagerWindows ActivationOffline Domain JoinPost Server Installation Tasks – Round TwoUsing PowerShell to Manage ServersResources Utilization by Using Features on DemandFeatures on Demand – Order of SearchHow to Override Features on Demand (Default Behavior)Rerelocating Feature FilesMigprice Roles from Previous Versions of Windows ServerSupported Operation Solution (Source)Module 01 ReviewResee Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 0 3-Working via Server Core

(Duration: 1h 19m)

Workbook (Pdf)Working with Server CoreDemo – Installing Server CoreIntroduction to PowerShellDemo – PowerShellAdding GUI to Server CoreRemoving GUI to Server CoreTo Install a Removed Role or Feature Using WIM ImageServer Core ToolsDemo – Recover from Cshedding Command PromptRoles Available to Server CoreListing Roles on Server CoreEnabling Remote ManagementDemo – Netsh -FirewallServer Configuration – CoreDemo – Sconfig on Server CoreFeatures Not Supported by Server CoreInstalling Doprimary Controllers on Server Core – OptionsPowerShell Examples for User ManagementPowerShell Instances for Group ManagementPowerCovering Instances for Computer ManagementPowerShell Instances for OU’sModule 03 ReviewRecheck out Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 05 -Configure Documents and also Publish Access

(Duration: 1h 17m)

Workbook (Pdf)Data Shares and also PermissionsCreate and also Configure SharesFile Sharing ProfilesDemo – Connumber File SharesConfigure Offline FilesOffline Files SettingsConfigure NTFS PermissionsNTFS PermissionseNotes: NTFS Permission ExamplesAccess Based Enumeration (ABE)Configure Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)Demo – Shadow CopiesConfigure Publish and also Document ServicesDemo – Install Publish and Document Services RoleEasy Publish – Print DriverNetoccupational Printing Security OptionsDemo – Create a Shared PrinterPrinter PoolingDemo – Creating a Printer PoolBranch Office Direct PrintingOptions to Deploy PrintersPrinter Migration for Net Services for Devices (WSD Publish Devices)Server 2012 R2 New and also UpdatedModule 05 ReviewResee Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 07 -TCP/IP Protocol Suite

(Duration: 2h 1m)

Workbook (Pdf)TCP/IP Protocol SuiteMaterials of Netjob-related InfrastructureTCP/IP ProtocolArchitectureTCP/IP ApplicationsSocketsPortsIPv4 AddressingIP ConfigurationPublic vs. Private IPv4 AddressesRelating to BinaryIP Address ClassesCIDR Notations / VLSMeNotes: CIDRConfiguring IP Addresses Using Server ManagerConfiguring IP Address Using a Command also LineConnumber IP Address Using PowerShellDemo – Configure IP Address Using PowerShellTCP/IP Troubleshooting with PowerShellTCP/IP DiagnosticsNetwork Card TeamingSupernettingSupernetting ExamplesOverview Of IPv6IPv4 vs IPv6Comparing IPv4 and also IPv6IPv6 BenefitsEquivalentsIPv6 AddressingLink Local Uniactors AddressesHost Private AddressZone ID’sHexadecimal Numbering SystemConverting Binary to HexBinary To Hex ExamplesThings to Know About TCP/IPv6Global Uniactors AddressesGlobal Uniactors Addresses StructureUnique Local Uniactors AddressZone IDLayout PrefixesIPv6 Address StructureDemo – Configuring IPv6 ClientAutoconfiguration IPv6 AddressesAutoconfiguration Address StatesAutoconfiguration ProcessIPv6 Over IPv4 TunnelingDefining Capabilities: Node TypesConnumber ISATAPHost Configuration6to4TeredoPortProxyTransition ProcessModule 07 ReviewRecheck out Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 09 -Summary of Active Directory Domain Services

(Duration: 3h 31m)

Workbook (Pdf)Rundown of Active Directory Domajor ServicesPhysical Contents of Active DirectoryLogical Contents of Active DirectoryDomain Structures – Doprimary and also ForestDoprimary Structure – ForestDomain Structure – SchemaDoprimary Structures – LogicalDefault Containers and OU’sDoprimary Structures – Sites (Physical)Contents of Site StructureDomajor – Wide ScopeSynopsis of Domajor ControllersWhat Domajor Controllers DoDepreciated Features Server 2012 Related to ADVERTISEMENT DSServer 2012 R2 EnhancementsADVERTISEMENT and Worklocation JoinGlobal CatalogDemo – Global CatalogOperations Master RolesBest Practices – FSMO and also GCForemainder and Domain Functional LevelsGuidelines for Raising Domajor and Foremainder Functional LevelsFunctional Level OptionsFunctional Levels and Recycle BinDemo – Functional Levels and also FSMOForemainder Functional LevelsADPrep CommandsRODCHow DC’s are Found and UsedDemo – SRV Records DNSThe ADVERTISEMENT DS Logon ProcessInstall Doprimary ControllersDC Install Questions and also Required InformationRequired Indevelopment to Collect Pre -InstallDemo – Install Doprimary ControllersUpgrading Domain ControllersClean Installation of Windows Server 2012 Doprimary ControllersInstall Doprimary Controller Using IFMDemo – Rerelocate A Domajor Controller From A DomainActive Directory Management ToolsUser AccountsUniqueness of AccountsAttributes of UsersCreating Account TemplatesLocking vs. DisabledDirectory Service Command also Line ToolsGroupsGroup ScopesHelpful Acronyms E-NotesDefault GroupsProtected Users Security GroupProtected Users Security Group User LimitationsSpecial IdentitiesComputer AccountsTroubleshooting Computer AccountsTroubleshooting StepsListing Group MembershipDelegate Management of Active Directory ObjectsCSVDE for ExportingCSVDE for ImportingLdifdeLdifde – ExportLdifde – ImportManaging ADVERTISEMENT DS via PowerShellModule 09 ReviewReview Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 02 -Windows Server 2012 Management

(Duration: 1h 6m)

Workbook (Pdf)Windows Server 2012 ManagementServer ManagerDemo – Add Roles Server ManagerDemo – Event ViewerDemo – Best Practice AnalyzerAdministrative Tools AvailableDemo – Administrative Tools AvailableEnabling Remote ManagementDelegate AdministrationDelegation PlanningDemo – Delegation of Domain AdministrationCutting edge ServicesConfiguring NIC TeamingSwitch Dependent Teaming Modes802.11ac SupportNetSh Commands with Windows Server 2012 R2Wired and Wireless Ethernet Access PasswordsModule 02 ReviewResee Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 04 -Configuring Local Storage

(Duration: 1h 40m)

Workbook (Pdf)Configuring Local StorageKey Features of StorageDisk Types and PerformanceEnhanced Combined Drive Electronics (EIDE)Serial State-of-the-art Technology Attachment (SATA)Small Computer System Interface (SCSI)Solid State DrivesDirect Attached Storage (DAS)Network-related Attached Storage (NAS)Storage Area Netjob-related (SAN)Usual RAID LevelsWindows Server 2012 R2 Storage FeaturesStorage SpacesDemo – Configuring Storage SpacesWork FoldersWork Folder LimitationsWork Folder ComponentsCertificate NotesWork Folder Server ComponentsWork Folder Server ConfigurationWork Folder Server Configuration PowerCovering CommandsWork Folders Client ConfigurationDemo – Configuring Work FoldersOffload Documents Transfers (ODX)SMB 3.0 SupportFile System EnhancementsStorage ManagementResilient Data System (ReFS)Storage PowerCovering CmdletsConfigure Basic DisksConnumber Dynamic DisksCommon Operations – Basic and Dynamic DisksDemo – Creating Volume Mount PointsConfiguring MBR DisksConfiguring GPT DisksInstalling And Configuring A New DiskeNotes: Types of Volumes / PoolsDemo – Create VHDsExtfinishing and also Shrinking VolumesUtilities for VolumeBranchCacheBranchCache RequirementsBranchCache Server SettingsBranchCache Client SettingsEnabling Distributed Cache Mode or Hosted Cache ModeModule 04 ReviewRewatch Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 06 – Remote Management and also Virtualization

(Duration: 1h 56m)

Workbook (Pdf)Remote ManagementDemo – Enable Remote ManagementRemote Management- MISCRemote DesktopRemote Deskpeak Services Role ServicesServer 2012 R2 Improvements and also AdditionsDemo – Remote DesktopMulti -Server ManagementDemo – Server GroupsVirtualizationPresentation VirtualizationRemote Deskoptimal GatewayVirtualizationHyper – VApplication Virtualization (App -V)Microsoft Enterpclimb Deskheight Virtualization (MED -V)Simulated Hardware for VM’sDemo – Create a VMDemo – Hyper -V SettingsDynamic MemoryIntegration ServicesStart and also Speak ActionsResource MeteringVirtual Hard DiskVirtual Disk TypesShrinking Fixed Virtual Hard DisksVHD’s vs. VHDXDemo – Managing VHD’sDifferencing DisksVirtual Hard Disk Operations/Maintenance OperationsMethods of Creating Virtual Hard DiskVHD’s and File SharesDifferencing DisksVirtual NetworksVirtual Netjob-related ExtensionsDemo – Hyper -V Network SettingsVirtual AdaptersLegacy Network-related AdaptersDemo – Creating Network-related AdaptersConsiderations for VM Network-related ConfigurationImportant Note – External Virtual NetworksVirtual Machine MAC AddressUsing SnapshotsModule 06 ReviewRewatch Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 08 -DHCP and DNS

(Duration: 1h 27m)

Workbook (Pdf)DNSDNS for Name ResolutioneNotes: How Names are Reresolved – Iterative QueriesLink -Local Multiactors Name ResolutionWINSSingle Label Names – WINSTools and also CommandsDemo – Tools and CommandsDNS Terms to KnowDNS ZonesDNS Registration Enhancements Windows Server 2012 R2Demo – Installing the DNS Server RoleEnhanced Zone Level Statistics Windows Server 2012 R2Enhanced PowerCovering Support Server 2012 R2Dynamic UpdatesDNS Server Cache and ForwardingDNS CacheDNS Records Required for IPv6 CoexistenceTroubleshooting Name ResolutioneNotes: Troubleshooting Name ResolutionDHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) ServiceLease GenerationDHCP Relay AgentDHCP on Server CoreDHCP InstallationDemo – Install DHCPCreate and also Configure Scopes IPv4Create and Connumber Scopes IPv6DHCP ReservationUsual DHCP OptionsOrder Options are AssignedManaging DHCP DatabaseMove DHCP DatabaseSecuring DHCP and Unauthorized ComputersImproved PowerCovering Commands for DHCP in Server 2012 R2New PowerCovering Commands for DHCPConfigure Client and also Server for PXE BootDHCP Audit LoggingCommon Event CodesDHCP Issues – DiscussionModule 08 ReviewRewatch Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)

Module 10 -Windows Security

(Duration: 1h 28m)

Workbook (Pdf)Windows SecurityWindows Security – Defense in DepthSecurity TemplatesMethods to Distribute Security TemplatesUser RightsDemo – Local Security PolicyAuditingRestricted GroupsAccount PoliciesSecurity Compliance Manager (SCM)Group PolicyGPO Locations – ContentComponents of Group PolicyGroup Policy StructureAdministrative TemplatesADM FilesGroup Policy Central StoreMultiple Local Group PoliciesNotes: Local Group PoliciesGroup Policy PreferencesTypical PreferencesStarter GPOGPO PermissionsGroup Policy ProcessingInheritanceDefault GPO’sDemo – Create a GPOAuthentication Policies – Server 2012 R2Software Restriction PoliciesBasics: Software Restriction PoliciesAppLockerAppLocker RulesWindows FirewallWindows Firewall through Advanced SecurityEnhancements Over Standard Windows FirewallFirewall ProfilesConnection Security RulesDeploy Firewall RulesConnumber Authenticated Firewall ExceptionsModule 10 ReviewCourse ClosureRecheck out Quiz (Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited)
about 17.1 hours on-demand also video10 downloadable Pdf WorkbooksCountless time accessibility (Throughout Membership)Access on mobile and DesktopCertificate of Completion
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