Web Famous is a side mission featuring the Spider-Man villain Screwround, that is easily accessible after the story mission A Fresh Start. This is the just mission in the main game that attributes Screwround, however she features prominently in all of the DLC expansions.

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This mission constantly takes area at night. Time will transition to night if you attempt this mission at a various time of day.

When this side mission shows up, go to the blue objective marker on optimal of a building in Harlem and also stop to the young womale tright here, who will describe the Screwround Challenge and also tell you it"s for charity to help the needy.

Picture code

Start by taking a photo of the QR code that"s projected on the wall nearby. If you need a reminder, press ⇑ on the D-Pad to take out your camera, then aim with L2 until the reticle turns green around your subject, and also snap a photo with R1.

Screwsphere will certainly contact in over your coms and start explaining her long and also complicated difficulty, and also will certainly up the stakes by informing you she"s holding a hophase that you deserve to just rescue by completing her difficulty.

Find the next code

Swing southwest to the following objective marker.

Picture code

The second QR Code is being projected alengthy the corner of a structure at an angle. You"ll must climb to the peak of the structure to the north and take your image from the balcony tright here to get the correct angle to make the code appear correctly.

After you snap the picture, you"ll be accosted by a team of Screwball"s "fans". Tright here are 4 goons.

Screwball"s fans1 Brute1 Assault Rifle1 Pistol1 Unarmed

Find the following code

After you knock out Screwballs fans, proceed west to the next objective marker to look for the following code. You"ll need to swing to the north side of the location highlighted in green on your mini-map and look south to watch the QR Code.

Photo code

This code is being projected throughout two various structures, and is separation into 2 parts. To gain a appropriate angle so the code appears properly you"ll have to climb up the big building to the north. You"ll need to take the photo while clinging to the side of the structure, crawling alengthy the wall until you get the code to line up appropriately.

Disarm Screwball"s BombsAfter you snap the code, Screwround will certainly warn you that bombs have been put up in the area and also will blow up in a couple of secs. Tbelow are three bombs, all on the rooftops of buildings that you deserve to view from the location wright here you took the picture. The first bomb is visible from your position and you can immediately web zip to it. You deserve to always web zip directly to such a bomb when you gain within webbing variety.

Once you reach a bomb, host L1+R1 to grab the bomb via your webs and also throw it, then tap R1 repetitively to shoot webs at the bomb while it"s in the air to muffle the explosion.

There are a total of 3 bombs and also you"ll have actually about 40 secs to reach them all. It"s not a challenging job.

This form of bomb obstacle will display up later in the game as a timed obstacle mission, so get provided to the method required to disarm them.

Find kidnap victim

That last QR code provides you the resolve to uncover the kidnapped victim. Swing west to the brand-new objective marker.

Talk to kidnap victim

The objective marker will lead you to a garage in an alley. Go to the garage and hold L1+R1 to usage your webs to rip the door open to save the "kidnapping victim".

After you save the "kidnapping victim" more of Screwball"s fans will show up, trying to get Screwround to put them on their feed. They"ll attack you, thinking they can earn their 15 minutes of fame by taking down the Spider-Man.

Fight Screwball"s Fans

There are 5 goons. 1 Brute 1 Assault Rifles 3 Pistols

After you take down the Brute, even more goons will present up from both sides of the alley.

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Tright here will certainly be about 6 more goons. 1 Brute1 Unarmed2 Assault Rifles2 Pistols

After you defeat Screwball"s fans, the police will certainly display approximately drag them all ameans and also the mission is finished.