Midlife career changersface the exact same Catch-22 as recent college grads: You can’t acquire hired in a new field without endure, but you can’t obtain experience unless someone hires you first.

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How perform you crack this chicken and egg dilemma if you desire to pivot right into a brand-new area in your 50s or 60s?

What Internships Can Do

Farming numbers of boomers are stealing a web page out of the college student handbook and also pursuing internships. Nope, they’re no longer simply for twentysomepoints.

Whether you’re looking to switch careers bereason you’re out of work-related or desire to check out options forsemi-retirement, a midlife internship deserve to give you new contacts, useful abilities and a tangible method to demonstrate your commitment to your brand-new field.

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What a Midlife Internship Is

Unchoose volunteering, an internship is a structured job-related assignment with plainly defined occupational responsibilities and also training. Midlife internships deserve to be phelp, unpassist or involve a stipfinish to help cover prices, such as housing or take a trip. They typically run from several weeks to six months. While few come through guaranteed tasks at the finish, many type of ultimately cause supplies.

Of course, it’s something of a gamble to work-related for bit or no pay in exadjust for the hope of landing a paying project. And it deserve to be humbling to be on the bottom rung of the career ladder after spending years functioning your way as much as the peak in a different area (as thetrailer forThe Internship, a comedy about 2 fortysomething Google interns demonstrates).

But under the best circumstances, internships have the right to carry out a beneficial bridge to a new area later on in life and also sell a smart way to take a test-drive before investing the majority of time and also money retraining yourself.

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Here’s just how to discover internships and also structure them for success:

Wbelow to Find Midlife Internships

In fact, most midlife internships are produced, not “found” (even more on that in a bit).

When you search virtual project boards or LinkedIn, you’ll easily find that the large majority of internships tright here are targeted at college students.

That sassist, some are open to human being of all ages. So if you view an internship listing that sounds appealing, craft a compelling inquiry letter.

Doug Reichenberger, now Director of Career Services at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Ill., states when he operated at Malone University, the school had actually a student over 40 that landed a Disney World internship. “He ready his resumé, which contained appropriate work suffer, applied, and also Disney hired him,” recalls Reichenberger.

Because practically all project boards have actually listings for internships, pick your favorite board and also filter your outcomes making use of the keyword “internship.”

There are also sites specially geared toward internships, such asInternships.comandInternshipFinder.com, and also flexible-project sites, likeFlexJobs.comthrough locations dedicated to internships.

Nonrevenues tend to be a little bit more welcoming to older interns than for-profit carriers. They worth skills such as the capacity to self-manage that world transitioning out of the corporate world sell.

If you’re intrigued about interning at a nonprofit (wright here it’s occasionally referred to as a fellowship and regularly consists of a stipend), check out these 3 sites:

Encore.orgThis nonprofit sponsors theEncore Fellowshipsroutine where competent specialists looking to shift into social-purpose establishments work six to 12 months (half-time to full-time) and also obtain stipends whose amount varies relying on the assignment.

Fusecorps.orgFusage Core Fellowsare entrepreneurial experts through at least 10 years experienced experience that spend a year helping governors, mayors and neighborhood leaders create systematic social adjust. Some fellows are “on-loan” from their service providers and also proceed receiving their constant salary and also benefits; others obtain a $90,000 stipfinish.

Idealist.orgThis site for nonprofit positions liststhousands of internshipsat a wide variety of nonprofits.

For other re-training and also internship choices, consultiRelaunch.com; it has actually a substantial list of career reenattempt programs global. While the list is oriented toward moms who’ve taken a career break, it includes offerings at a variety of settings.

Create Your Own Internship

Without a doubt, the ideal method to land a midlife internship is to method institutions directly and develop your own.

That’s a strategy Linda Conklin, a career coach via UNC–Chapel Hill Alumni Career Services, urges brand-new grads and also older workers to consider. “Contact carriers that interemainder you and sell your services for free for 3 months,” says Conklin. “Make it clear that you are looking to provide assistance while structure your resumé, reputation and also references.”

If all goes well, you might be able to parlay the internship right into an market at the end of your assignment.

To discover a area wright here you can intern, start by checking via your alumni career solutions office. Universities are regularly the first place organizations choose to list their internships, and periodically those employers are open up to older employees.

When brainstorming internship employers, think small. Cash-strapped small service owners could be thrilcaused market you an internship because of your skills and work-related history. Just be sure they understand also you expect to receive training and also mentoring in exreadjust for your contributions.

To get rid of an employer’s problem that you’re unacquainted through its area, tension that you bring years of transferable skills and experiences you can put to work.

For even more advice on creating an internship, I strongly recommend you consult the book,Test-Drive Your Dream Job: A Step-by-Tip Guide to Finding and also Creating the Work You Loveby Brian Kurth, founder of Pivotearth.com.

3 Final Tips for a Successful Midlife Internship

You"ll be providing up a considerable amount of earning potential as an intern, so it’s vital that you encertain the possibility will lead to handy experiences, if not a project sell. Here’s how:

1. Define your expectations before accepting the internship.Be clear around your job responsibilities, hrs, compensation (if any) and also learning avenues. Make certain you understand the employer’s expectations, as well.

If you desire to continue in search of a permanent job while you’re interning, attempt to schedule an internship for 3 days a week. That method, you’ll have the various other two days open up for interviews and also pavement pounding.

2. Check your ego at the door.As Cary Barbor’s Huffington Message post, I Was a Middle-Aged Intern,illustprices, you should be willing to take on your new status as a worker-in-training. Interning for a boss the exact same age as your boy can be a hard go.

3. Netoccupational, netoccupational, network-related.

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Your internship should be as much about structure your skilled network as about structure your resumé. So take the moment to acquire to recognize your co-workers and also attfinish market functions where you can meet other human being in the field.This means, the worth of your internship will serve you lengthy after the assignment has finished.

Nancy Collamer, M.S., is a career coach, speaker and writer ofSecond-Act Careers: 50+ Ways to Profit From Your Passions During Semi-Retirement. Her website isMyLifestyleCareer.com; on Twitter she is