If I use a service enough that I can benefit from paying to make my experience better, I'll do it. The big thing with YouTube Red is the no ads, which is great. Background play is also amazing and just those 2 make it worth the price.

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Everyone always shits over it as a service and talks about adblock. Personally I don't really want to use adblock and will easily sacrifice the money for a service I'll use more than streaming anyway.


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I pay for premium, so I can also have YouTube music. Instead of Pandora or Spotify. It's a nice "all in one" service

Same. I also love how with Premium, you can shut off your phone's screen and still play the audio. It doesn't even load the video, saves on a lot of data.

I feel like YouTube Red holds the overall experience hostage specifically by stopping yhe sound as soon as I exit the app if I don't have Red.

I'll listen to the stupid ads, can you let me use my phone without spending $10 a month please and thank you?

Yeah, that part is really scummy. It's not a luxury feature at all, it's just a way to purposefully inconvenience the user. Not wanting to support that bullshit tactic is why I'll never buy Youtube Red.

Well i use an adblocker on Chrome and i've not seen an ad on YouTube in years. You can easily get a modded APK for your phone that gives you all of YouTube Red's features.

OP’s meaning is probably that they don’t want to deprive money from the content producers by using Adblock.

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I pay for Adblock which cost 40 bucks for a year? Which trumps the cost of YouTube red by a long shot. Then I also use Apple Music for 5 a month, which for me is worth it because of how much music I download.

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I’m not saying you are wrong, but YouTube red isn’t right for me personally, I have no use for it, I’m not interested in the RED shoes or background play.