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“It’s a brand-new Season”

posted on November 6, 2017 posted By: brand-new Bethel KC Categories: Uncategorized

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“To every point there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

(Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Greetings and also blessings in the name of our shortly coming King, Jesus Christ! one of the distinctiveness of living in the Kansas/Missouri area is our capability to experience different seasons. And while some like to live through one season (or perhaps two), i have always enjoyed the readjust of the season and the “uniqueness” every brings with it. Season in the scripture refers to “an appointed occasion or time.” King Solomon wrote, “To whatever there is a season…” over there is an appointed time because that every facet of her life and you have to recognize as soon as it’s a “new” season of her life. It is why if you just live in one season, friend will never ever experience the adjust in her life that originates from a new season.

The text of a tune that we often sing written by Israel house turn & Derick Johnson says:

It’s a brand-new season, it’s a brand-new dayA new anointing is flowing my wayIt’s a season of power and prosperityIt’s a brand-new season coming to me

We are now entering the season particularly designated for united state to it is in reminded top top how an excellent God has actually been. The the season the thanksgiving! I deserve to recall the main actions the King David once the presence of God to be returned among the world of Israel. The scripture suggests that “He appointed several of the Levites to minister before the ark the the Lord, to do petition, TO provide THANKS, and to worship the Lord, the God that Israel.” (1 Chronicles 16:4) We space commanded that when we get in the gates of god’s dwelling, we need to come in providing thanks and be full of thanks! (Psalm 100:4) i hope and pray that new Bethel will constantly reflect a heart of gratitude and also show our many thanks to God because that His manifold blessings, and also His favor that has actually been shown to us.

But likewise you must understand you too space entering a “New Season” for your life. Please let united state trust God and His process in acquisition us v our seasons (or change) the life. ~ above hearing the testimonies of for this reason many, I know that this is “The Year of Abundance!” However, the mr is yet relocating us into brand-new realms that we’ve never ever experienced before. Together we quickly will it is in entering a time of construction & building… taking possession of all that God has promised and given come us, over there is much we need to do. An ext is coming and also greater is needed! our community… our country… our civilization needs you!