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Years in Business: 50

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Years in Business: 50

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This business supplies automobile repair solutions. Jake Sweeney Body Shop supplies body repairs on all makes and models as professional auto body paint and also tradition work-related.Jake Sweeney BodyShop is also a Certified BMW Collision Repair Center.
Repairs Auto Body Damage, Repairs Frame Work, Auto Body Painting, Certified BMW Collision Repair Center

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We had actually our vehicle towed to Jake sweeney after our daughter"s auto had trouble. We obtained the indevelopment from the repair shop that the engine necessary to be reput and so we had actually it reput for even more than $4,000. 9 days later on we had to have the car towed earlier to the very same repair shop where they are now saying the transmission demands reinserted. Tright here was no point out of a transmission issue before the authorization of the repair was made. It was damaged, Jake Sweeney sassist your engine requirements replaced, we had it reinserted and now the transmission is poor. The notes upon picking up the auto after the replacement of the engine indicated some transmission concern and that taken place prior to we picked up the automobile. The statistical probcapability of both the transmission and also the engine being poor at the exact exact same time are next to zero, yet, the statistical probcapacity of a transmission problem after incorrectly replacing an engine are much higher. In addition, Jake Sweeney"s Joey, shop manager, told me he had actually his technician remove a plug of some sort and that is how they figured out the transmission was bad. They weren"t even authorized to do so and also can have actually also tampered with the automobile at that point. The shop manager, Joey, has been courteous, yet, Mike (an additional employee) was instantly confrontational, protective, and also rude and actually didn"t tell the truth as soon as he sassist "I told you not to rearea the engine bereason the transmission can go bad". That wasn"t true at all, what he sassist was "what if the transmission goes poor down the road" not do not rearea the engine. I never before would certainly have invested $4,000 to repalce an engine if they had actually done a more thostormy project of either installing the engine or appropriately evaluating the auto to check out that both the engine and the transmission necessary replaced at the specific very same time and also just after 155,000 miles.…Read More