What makes a an excellent sports movie? over all else, it should feel authentic. There’s nothing worse 보다 a film illustrating professional sports that doesn’t look or feel real. One of the most true-to-life football movies ever made was any kind of Given Sunday. The film, i beg your pardon featured one all-star cast and a an excellent director, felt favor the genuine article. It even captured one fight in between two football player (played through LL Cool J and Jamie Foxx) the actually happened in actual life. Here’s the story of how those 2 fought and also where they stand now.

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Jamie Foxx | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

What was the plot of ‘Any given Sunday’? 

Any given Sunday was controversial manager Oliver Stone’s attempt to portray the seedy underbelly of skilled sports and specifically skilled football. The film is one ensemble that centers roughly an old football coach play by Al Pacino. Pacino was hardly the only headliner in the cast, however; it additionally included. Dennis Quaid starred as an aging quarterback fighting turn off retirement and Cameron Diaz starred together the team owner do the efforts to break her means into the boy’s society of pro sporting activities ownership.

Foxx play the upstart brand-new star quarterback. The film likewise starred James Woods and Matthew Modine together team doctors, and also Rapper LL Cool J as an additional player on the team. The cast likewise included yes, really NFL players Lawrence Taylor and also Jim Brown as a linebacker and defensive coordinator, respectively. It was a star-studded actors to be sure, yet not every one of them acquired along for this reason well. 

The story behind Jamie Foxx and also LL Cool J’s onset fight

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In a Vanity Fair item on famous Hollywood feuds, among the fights detailed is in between Foxx and also LL Cool J top top the set of this film. In one oral history of the movie featured top top The Ringer, the film’s cinematographer Sal Totino recounted his view on the fight, which started after Foxx took exemption to LL Cool J obtaining too physical through him:

“LL’s like, ‘I’m improv-ing.’ Jamie’s like, ‘Well, if you’re going to improv, allow me understand if you’re going to hit me.’ us came back to shooting the reverse. What walk LL do? He access time Jamie. What go Jamie do? F***ing access time him back. Al Pacino is in the middle of the step acting, doesn’t know that a genuine fight’s going over his head.”

The assumed of Al Pacino, among the best film actors in history, attempting to rest up a fight is virtually unbelievable. Eventually, the Miami-Dade Police were involved to diffuse the situation, according to MTV. In fairness to both, their functions did ar them at odds. According to Pacino, this is component of what led to the ruckus: 

“They’re young actors. Ns think they started mirroring their roles in the film, antagonistic with one another. I think that just carried over.”

Are Jamie Foxx and LL Cool J tho feuding?

While the pair’s functioning relationship got off come a hideous beginning, it has actually a happy ending. MTV captured up with Foxx in 2006, and apparently, the two have because let bygones be bygones. They’ve also collaborated musically. Follow to Foxx, that came under to a matter of both men maturing: 

“…We looked at each other like, ‘Why we wasting every this time? Let’s acquire together and do some music, carry out some movies.’… for this reason we began talking about that, go a pair of records together. When you’re grown, friend don’t really have time because that all the . Once you’re young, it’s cool to have your emotions on her chest. But we’re grown now.”

It’s good to hear the the two put their previously hostilities behind them. Still, it’s hard not come think the the fight helped make their in-movie feud feel much more authentic. At the time, lock weren’t acting favor they hated each various other — they actually did.