From Jay’s liner note to this album:Coming the Age: Y'all really need to take her time v this one. That all about thought. If you notice in the very first verse i say “What’s… read More 

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Uh-huh uh yeah, gi-gi-geyeahTime come come up, hold my very own weight, safeguard my crownGots to lock that down and when they rush -- component twoCocaine whiter nowOperation is sweetWhole video game tighter nowMoving a brick a weekPlus a nigga price is under them niggas to seeTime to start the occurring nowI don't know what's wrong with BleekIt seems, I'm favor Keenan, picking up top top the vibeThat the ain't also happy, I might just watch it in his eyesI don't know if it's the chicks or just how we dividing the lootTime to pay his ass a visit 'fore he decide to gain cuteJumped out like a star with the flavest carMatching the gator shirt, softer than my next door neighborsThese young niggas think I fell out the loop'Cause the critical time they seen me hopping the end the CoupeI hopped out in a suitLook in ~ this nigga Jay fronting, make the efforts to take it my shineI didn't speak this verbally, just had actually some shit on my mindPlus I'm puffing favor an ounce more than I used to puffTaking advice from this niggas however they ain't used to stuffThey had me thinking, \"Shit, I'm the one that relocated the stuffWhile he drive approximately town in brand new Coupes and stuff\"Swear come God, they had actually me practically hating his gutsAs the approached ns spoke, \"Jigga, whattup?\"
I done come up (uhh), placed my life on the heat (uhh)Soaked the game up (yeah), now it's my time come shineTime to change up (what?), no more second in lineNine-eight, these roads is mine(Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh-uh-huh-uh-huh)Look at that fake smile he just offered me, it's break my heartShould I institution him or traction the tools out and also just rest him apart?I feel his hate it was harsh -- 'fore this faking shit startI have to take the in back of the building and blaze himUh-oh, this nigga Jay, that ain't slow, he musta choose up ~ above the vibeBut had I no been for this reason high, ns woulda been able come hideTried to cover up myself, as I gave him a fiveHugged him together if ns loved him, come the nude eyeIt woulda seemed we to be the closest, but to those that recognize usCould watch that other was around to go downStay focused, I'm trying to concentrateBut it's choose he's reading my mindAs if he have the right to see through this fog and all this weed in mine mindCould he watch I had actually plans on, gift the manEver due to the fact that we first spoke and he put that G in my handAnd I offered it earlier to present him, i was under for the causeAs the approached (\"Whattup Bleek?\") and also I paused
I done come up (uhh), placed my life ~ above the line (uhh)Soaked the game up (yeah), now it's my time come shineTime to readjust up (what?), no much more second in lineNine-eight, these roadways is mineYeah, girlfriend done come up (uhh), put your life top top the line (uhh)Soaked the game up (uhh), currently it's yo' time come shine (yeah)Time to change up, no more second in lineNine-eight, these highways is mineRight, yo we wild the end in Vegas, styled top top hatersMouthed off at the cops, outta cranberry dropsCopped whips the exact same color, us tighter 보다 brothersWith different fathers yet same mothers, this life don't love usSo 'til death do us, I'm never breaking mine bondNigga, us Lex movers, V-12 pushersAs ns standOne leg of my pants up, in a view like, \"And what?\"I understand these niggas room feeding mine mind cancerBut in time's the prize (woo!)Seems mind-blowing, this weed and HennessyGot my mind going, to trust me nigga, I'm knowingChicks supplied to overlook meAnd my aunt saying I require 50, no 60/40Oh God, don't let him control y'allYour total is mine gun, her clip is my clip, babyYour funny is my fun (uh huh), your bitch is mine bitchAny nigga trying to injury Jay, I'm feeling for youI ain't just touching you, I'm killing her crewGive that a year, you'll be sit on a million or twoRecords sold, nigga, perfect your role, geah

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>I done came up (uhh), placed my life ~ above the lineSoaked the video game up (yeah), currently it's mine time come shineTime to adjust up (what?), no an ext second in lineNine-eight, these highways is mine (geah, geah)I done come up (came up), placed your life on the line (uhh)Soaked the video game up (game up), currently it's yo' time to shineTime to readjust up (change up), no an ext second in lineNine-eight, these highways is mineYeah, girlfriend done come up, put your life ~ above the lineSoaked the video game up, currently it's yo' time come shineTime to adjust up, no an ext second in lineYeah, yeahComing of age two, brand new