The closing track of Jay-Z’s fifth studio album, “Wbelow Have You Been” supplies a therapeutic opportunity for Hov and also Beans to resolve a commonality between the two: having actually an… Read More 

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Damn, how I'ma say this shit?Ay, ay, DadYeah, it's your boyYou don't remember me?I wanna talk to you, scrapI remember being kicked out the residence 'reason I looked simply like youShelp I'd be nothing however a crook—simply favor youEven niggas in the hood was shook or they simply favored you'Cause all they sassist was, "Little Whitey, look, I'm just choose you"But dawg, I can't watch it at all, shitWe never kicked it at all, we never pitched or kicked at a ballDawg, you never before taught me shitHow to fight, ride a bike, addressed a level, namong that sorts of shitNigga you was an abusive pops, fuckYou left me out to dry, stuckGotta teach News to box, gotta teach News to blockAnd that ain't the half of it man, I gotta teach News the blockIt's about time we have a father to child (Nigga sit down)Sit dvery own let me tell you 'bout your fatherless sonsHow they prospered to be males and also father they sonsFather they daughters—nigga, you left a fatherless daughterI never before follow your ordersNigga you make me sick, pussy, you can... oohHow you gon' leave these memories in the earlier of my mind?I have the right to check out it clear as day, you smacking my momI 'member that day you proved me that gat, that 9Placed it in my palm when I was young and also sassist that would certainly be mineYou turned me out, the factor why I hit the blockReason why I tried to hit them copsReachild why I began hitting shotsReakid why I began obtaining licked and also drinking syrup and skipping courtGingerbreview Man never before think of obtaining caughtLook at your hands, man—damn you foughtNigga you left my momLeft us through no good-byes, you left us out to dryYou left us with no letters, notes, no replies (Nothing!)No digits, numbers was unlistedYou left us through some of my loneliest nightsNigga, some of my hungriest nightsShit, one of the reasons for years (Shit embarrassing)Damn, we provided to think money was whiteYeah you gave us life, prefer, fruit from a plantWe ain't eat appropriate from them foodstuffs from them stampsAnd to think, you was my pop, man, I gotta speak, shit
Daddy, wbelow have you been?And once you come residence, you gained us right here all aloneMommy, wright here daddy went?You always take up for him, constantly said you'd make up for himMommy, what happened then?Who was you cheating on him? Why he's constantly beating on you?Daddy, where have actually you been?Nigga, you gon' hear me outI wanted to walk simply prefer you (Remember?)Wanted to talk just like you (Word?)Often momma said I look too muchAnd I believed simply prefer you (And I'd get happy)Wanted to drink Miller nips and also smoke Newports simply favor youBut you left me, currently I'm going to court just favor youI would say, "My daddy loves me and also he'll never go away"Bullshit, do you also remember December's my birthday?Do you even remember the tender boyYou turned right into a cold young man via one goal and one plan?Get mommy out of some jam, she was constantly in oneAlmeans brief through the earnings, constantly late through the rentYou sassist you was coming through, I would stay in the hallwayAlways playing the bench (Waiting) and also that day came and wentFuck you extremely a lot, you confirmed me the worst sort of painBut I'm stronger and also trust me, I will certainly never hurt againWould never before ask mommy, "Why daddy don't love me?Why is we so poor? Why is life so ugly?Mommy, why is your eyes puffy?Please don't cry, everything'll be alrightI know it's dark currently, but we gon' view the lightIt's us against the human being, we don't need him, right?" (Right!)Mommy driving 6's now (Yeah) I gained riches now (Yeah)I bought a nice house for both of my sisters nowWe doing actual good, we don't miss out on you nowSee how life twists around, fucker?

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Daddy, wbelow have actually you been?And when you come home, you got us below all aloneMommy, wright here daddy went?You constantly take up for him, always sassist you'd make up for himMommy, what occurred then?Who was you cheating on him? Why he's constantly beating on you?Daddy, where have you been?Nigga, you gon' hear me out