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Want to play music through Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

The gibbs is in search of a few folks to join him in a tape as part of his HitRecord project.

Gordon-Levitt recently rocked the end in a subway station and also posted the video on Facebook with the caption “I play the drums (in a subway) for our ‘Everyday, Spectacular’ job — now, where room all you musician gonna play your instruments?”

“Do you play Bass, Percussion, Horns — or any other type of musical instrument,” the star composed in the comments. “I’m searching for musicians (and vocalists, too!) to perform on this track w/ me.”

According to his site, “our community is producing a item of arts that captures those unmissable, spectacular moment that happen every day.”

One that the best parts the the video of JGL jamming? No one seemed to establish it to be him.

“You look like Pee-Wee Herman in that suit,” one man said as he leaned out of the stopped subway while others showed up to no pay Gordon-Levitt too much attention.

1 in 8 say loved ones with opposing COVID views won’t gain holiday gifts

by man Anderer, via Nexstar Media wire / Oct 3, 2021

( - If you disagree with mother or dad top top COVID-19 vaccines, maybe don’t expect lot in her stocking this year.

A new survey, commissioned byCoinStar, find one in eight Americans setup on skipping vacation shopping because that family and also friends who execute not share the same COVID-19 opinions as them.


KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — A bomb exploded in the entrance of a mosque in the Afghan resources on Sunday leave a “number of civilians dead,” a Taliban spokesman said.

The bomb target the sprawling Eidgah Mosque in Kabul, where a memorial organization was being held for the mommy of Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, who later tweeted the attack had claimed civilian lives.


ROME (AP) — A small private airplane carrying 6 passengers and also a crew of 2 crashed Sunday into a vacant, two-story office building in a Milan suburb, and Italian news reports stated all plank perished.

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The LaPresse news firm initially quoted firefighters at the scene saying the pilot and also all 5 passengers aboard to be killed. However later LaPresse and other media claimed there were eight world aboard the flight, including a boy.




Homecoming dance abruptly canceled at suburban high school due to police activity; 2 in custody


‘A coward’: family upset in ~ prosecutors after video shows 18-year-old stabbed to fatality in Schaumburg