It might come as a shock to your mechanism yet perma-best frifinish and forever before co-star (of our movie-loving hearts) Judy Greer, is playing an ape in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes . It"s true! The film"s major monessential, Caesar, has a wife named Cornelia and also this go-about the component is being played by none various other than Kitty Sanchez herself.

Not that you would certainly understand that from simply watching the film, though. At a screening of the film on Tuesday night, I was surprised when the end credits rolled about and also tright here she was: a name I definitely did suppose to view in a dystopian future sci-fi/fantasy epic wherein the world has been overtaken by self-conscious apes. Where was the ideal frifinish played by Katherine Heigl? The high fashion wardrobe? The freaking and shrieking? (I say it all through love, Greer. Promise.)

For much of the film, Cornelia is unfortunately nothing even more than a side plot. Her pregnancy and succeeding condition provided as a way to connect and foster real hope of a bond in between the human beings and the apes. In reality she barely has actually any lines at all (not that many of the apes execute, but still). She"s also, basically, the queen of the apes as she is married to the original intelligent ape, Caesar — so I intend there"s a little bit of a hierarchical upgrade tright here compared to her typical best frifinish fare. But it"s her! And actually her accepting the duty shouldn"t come as that much of a surpincrease to anyone.

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...Since Judy Greer and also her husband also are actually huge Planet of the Apes fans. So a lot so, in truth, that Greer and her husband also had a semi Apes-themed wedding. "We had a chimp husband-and-wife cake topper at our wedding," the actress explained. "At the cocktail hour, we played Planet of the Apes and also Rise of the Planet of the Apes on two sepaprice televisions in the bar area.

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And on the wedding gift I bought him, a vintage Rolex, I had actually it engraved, "Ape shall not kill ape." I was then told that, technically, it"s "Ape shall never kill ape," however tright here wasn"t enough space for engraving functions."

Apparently it was her husband also that persuaded her — alongside her brilliant 13 Going on 30 costar and lead in the Apes film, Andy Serkis — to go out for the role. I"m not monkeying about (okay okay sorry I simply had actually to perform it once):

More than anypoint, I just hope this function increases how civilization in Hollyhardwood think of Judy Greer and her talents because damn, homegirl have the right to really execute anypoint, can"t she?