Justin Bieber kicked off the MTV video clip Music Awards top top Sept. 12, following a five-year absence, and also his performance may be among his finest ever.

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Justin Bieber got in the 2021 MTV video Music Awards through the many nominations out of everyone — seven, to be specific — so us weren’t as well surprised to hear he’d be performing. Yet we had actually no idea he’d knock our socks turn off while law so! Justin, who performed “Stay” with The Kid LAROI, hasn’t perform the show since 2015, so it to be his an initial time back on the VMAs phase in six years. Obviously, it to be a special minute for both the singer and also his fans, and we don’t think anyone watching walked away disappointed.

At the begin of the show, The child LAROI and Justin lowered down to the phase from the ceiling that the Barclays Center. From there, lock upped the power with a power of the tik (and Billboard) certified hit. Afterward, Justin was given the stage for a solo performance, and also from there, he ceded a heartfelt live rendition that his song, “Ghost.” The audience – yes, there was a live audience in ~ this occasion – was on that is feet, feeling the vibe the Justin brought. His number one fan, Hailey Bieber(neeBaldwin), remained in the audience, dancing and cheering along.

“Stay” struggle the optimal of the Billboard Hot 100 in beforehand August, giving The kid LAROI his very first chart-topping hit. It was Justin’s eighth No. 1 song and also his second of 2021. Earlier in the year, Justin got to the peak with “Peaches,” off of his Justice album. “Stay” dethroned BTS’s “Butter,” a tune that had conquered the chart throughout the summer, and also the collab did exactly that – staying atop the warm 100 for four consecutive weeks. “Butter,” many thanks to a new remix v Megan Thee Stallion, retook the throne in mid-September.




As we said, the last time Justin performed in ~ the MTV video Music Awards was in 2015, when he carry out both “Where space U Now” and also “What do You Mean?” prior to breaking down in tears ~ above stage. Following his breakdown on stage, Justin revealed why he really cried. “It was simply so overwhelming for me … everything, the performance,” the 27-year-old singer said Jimmy Fallon ~ above The this evening Show. “I operated so difficult at the album. I’ve operated so tough at just coming to be the male that I want to become and also then stepping into situations you can’t help but feel judged,” Justin added. “What to be so special around the emotional moment, it was authentic and also real. I was just wanting the so bad.”

Other performers at this year’s show included Foo Fighters, recipients that this year’s an international Icon Award, Camila Cabello, Chlöe, Doja Cat, Kacey Musgraves, Shawn Mendes, Olivia Rodrigo, Ozuna, Tainy, and also Twenty One Pilots.

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LordeandNicki Minajwere additionally supposed come appear, however the “Solar Power” singer traction out because of COVID protocol (and Nicki revealed she was going to be component of the show however had to “pull out” for reasons she wasn’t at liberty to say. I’ll define why one more day. But I love those males at MTV,” she wrote in a now-deleted tweet, per theNew York Post. “Next year, we there, baby.”