We’re supplied to seeing our favourite stars looking glam, yet these photos display that when the armies of hair and makeup artists aren’t on standby, these celebrities without makeup can be a hit or miss out on.

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18. Jennifer Lawrence

Anne Hathaway is among the few celebrities that looks nearly flawmuch less as she leaves the house without any makeup.

16. Kelly Clarkson

Comedienne Kathy Griffin is not one to slap on a complete confront of makeup once heading out for a day at the beach.

14. Deborah Messing

She is the highest possible phelp TV actress in Hollytimber, but without a staff of beauticians to help her out off-collection, she’s decidedly much less glam.

12. Katie Couric

She is one of the many photographed women in the world, but that definitely doesn’t expect that supermodel is camera-all set all the time. The gorgeous Brit is usually perfectly comfortable showing off her makeup-complimentary challenge eincredibly now and also again.

10. Kate Hudson

Tyra Banks looks totally various, but still a herbal beauty, without any of her usual makeup on.

8. Sharon Stone

She may have actually been a despeprice housewife, Nicolette Sheridan looks anypoint however without her makeup as she heads earlier from the gym.

6. Madonna

Famous trainwreck, Lindsay Lohan, shows simply exactly how a lot she relies on makeas much as attain her great looks.

4. Katie Holmes

She’s referred to as herself “The World’s First Supermodel” and has probably had actually more surgical procedure than the remainder of them, unified, however without makeup, Janice Dickonboy looks anypoint however the part of a glamorous celebrity.

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2. Courtney Cox

It may come as a shock, yet even divas like Diana Ross have to make a run to the grocery store once in a while – and also, choose us, she’s chosen to go without makeup this time.