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Take a look at these cool homemade Katy Perry and also Rusoffer Brand costumes mutual via us by costume enthusiasts from roughly the civilization. Alengthy with the Katy Perry and also Rusoffer Brand also costumes below, you’ll additionally uncover loads of homemade costume concepts and DIY Halloween costume motivation for your following costume project. Enjoy!

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When our ‘Pop Stars and also Rock Stars’ themed Christmas party was announced, I conveniently determined to go as Katy Perry. However, I was underwhelmed by the costumes available digital. They looked quite ‘cheap’ and unoutstanding. The solution was evident – I would certainly make my own! I discovered a store which sold good quality corsets and … Read more


This is my Halloween Katy Perry The golden state Gurls costume. It is totally homemade and certainly my proudest work yet! Like so many type of others, Katy is one of my favorite artists and super motivating to me, so I wanted to pay tribute to her excellence! The hardest component about producing this costume was certainly figuring out how … Read more


This costume began as a totally different concept, so this is just how it ended choose it is. It all began via a local challenge in which kids get involved by age team and tright here is additionally a category for dogs (super cute!), for that objective, we chose to made a homemade costume, which initially was though … Read more


This Katy Perry costume was one my daughter and also I made for the Katy Perry Prismatic concert. It was a redevelopment of one of Katy’s performance outfits. My daughter felt choose a tiny celebrity through all the ooh’s and also ahhh’s and also attention she was getting. First we took a trip to our regional Hobby Lobby … Read more

For this last-minute Katy Perry costume, we gained the wig, gloves and skirt from Party City and also the remainder was all me! I used an old t shirt and also towel pens to decorate it via candy form pieces and also used an old headband also that I wrapped through tproblem paper. I reduced the tproblem paper right into … Read more

I always try to come up via a unique costume every year and also this year was no exception. We commonly attend an ADULTS ONLY costume party via friends who constantly come up through some awesome costumes. I love trying to make a costume that no one else will certainly have actually. It took me weeks to collect all … Read more

My Katy Perry loving daughter Paige, gained it in her head last year, after being an Icee Drink (inspect out my last year’s costume on this site!), that she would certainly be Katy Perry for this year! No store bought costumes for my kids, as they currently know I am crazy sufficient to accept the challenge! … Read more

Time to construct 3 days , Cost $50.00, 2,363 sequins Difficulty: Moderate Items Needed: One poster board, Elmer’s glue, tweezers, scissors, pencil. One needle and also thread (fishing line functions too), 1 role blue, 1 sky blue, 1 babsence, 1 yellow Sharpie markers. Sequins- white 2 yards, black 1 yard, yellow 5 yards, royal blue 2 yards, sky … Read more

In 2011, I went as Katy Perry from her “Alien” video. I made the costume from scrape and through many trial and error it took me about a month and a half to complete. The breastern plate was the hardest component to number out. It is made from plastic that was melted and formed … Read more

Last year I determined to make my own costume for Halloween. I love Katy Perry and also all of her fun and also glittery costumes, so I attempted to redevelop her “California Girls” costume she wears in the music video. I had actually so much fun making this Katy Perry California Girl costume. I love being crafty and also I … Read more

This Katy Perry costume was the majority of occupational but super fun to make. The petticoat, necklace, and headband also were purchased on Etsy; the blue wig was additionally an digital purchase. The optimal is an inexpensive white bustier that I embelliburned with hundreds of differed candies. I took the time to warm glue each item … Read more

I constantly get told I look favor Katy Perry (I don’t see it, however she’s a babe so I’ll take it!) so I decided to be here for Halloween. I went through her candy land outfit from her The golden state Gurls video and provided things that I had already approximately the house (the white corset) and … Read more

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