Jeeps are excellent vehicles for adventuring. They are qualified of mild-intermediate off-road driving, while still perdeveloping excellent in normal driving conditions, such as highmeans driving.

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For this factor, Jeeps are a renowned alternative for outdoor tasks, such as kayaking. If you’re a Jeep owner that likes to kayak, you’ll need to number out a way to haul your kayaks safely to your destination.

We composed this article to showsituation ideal kayak racks for Jeeps so you deserve to find the perfect one!

Should I buy a hitch-mounted or a roof-placed kayak rack for my Jeep?

The first question you must consider is just how you want to mount your kayak.

Tright here are 2 main alternatives for mounting kayaks to a Jeep: On the roof or attached to hitch.

For most Jeeps, if you have actually a larger kayak, you must usage a hitch-mounted kayak rack. For smaller kayaks, a roof-mounted kayak rack will certainly work simply fine.

Hitch-mounted kayak racks offer an extra call point for the kayak to rest on, as you deserve to watch in the photo listed below. It also raised the visibility in the front windshield.


On the various other hand, if your kayak is long, it will certainly hang over each end of the car. This will affect visibility and also likewise makes the kayak much less secure during transport. See this photo as an example:

Even though this kayak is not incredibly lengthy, it still hangs significantly off each end of the Jeep.

Overall, you’re better off making use of a hitch kayak rack, unless you have a short kayak. Below, we list the finest kayak racks for Jeeps relying on exactly how you desire to mount them.

Best Hitch Kayak Rack for Jeeps – Rhino Rack T-Loader


If your kayak is lengthy, you might want to invest in a hitch kayak rack to transfer your kayak safely.

Our height pick for the best hitch kayak rack for Jeeps is the Rhino Rack T-Loader.

The T-Loader slides into your 2-inch hitch receiver and also enables you to haul a kayak, canoe, paddleboard, and so on.! It is likewise adjusteady and also consists of straps for additional stcapacity.

This will certainly be more stable than a roof rack alone and also also helps through visibility because the kayak will not hang over the front of your Jeep as a lot.

NOTE: If your Jeep has a spare tire attached to the rear, you will certainly require a hitch extender so the rack clears the spare tire!

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Best Roof Kayak Racks for Jeeps

If you desire to stick with a roof-installed kayak rack, tbelow are some good choices obtainable.

Here are our picks for the 2 peak kayak racks for Jeeps:

Yakima JayLow (Affordable, resilient, and versatile)Thule Hullavator (Lift-aided rack)

Both of these choices make moving your kayak safe and simple.

Keep in mind, you’ll must have actually a roof rack on your Jeep in order to use these racks.

1. Yakima JayLow


The Yakima JayLow is an excellent alternative for delivering a kayak on the roof of your Jeep.

The JayLow is affordable and also made of high-top quality products. It’s one of Yakima’s the majority of famous assets (and for excellent reason).

One great advantage of this rack is the capability to bring 2 kayaks at once! If you’re acquainted via this form of kayak rack, they generally just carry one kayak at a time, so this is a great bonus.

Jeep owners also reported having actually additional roof room after mounting 2 kayaks utilizing this rack.

This rack additionally folds amethod when you’re not using it, which will assist through auto clearance and also aerodynamics.

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2. Thule Hullavator Pro


The Thule Hullavator Pro is our various other top option for a Jeep roof kayak rack.

Although we list this rack second, it is rather an impressive rack. Although it’s technically a far better rack than the Yakima JayLow, not everyone demands the over-the-optimal features that the Hullavator Pro offers.

The Hullavator Pro is a lift-help kayak rack, which suggests it will certainly lug as much as 40lbs. of your kayak’s weight as soon as lifting it on the roof!

It’s absolutely not for everyone because this rack is significantly even more expensive than the JayLow, yet people that battle to get their kayak on their roof discover it to be remarkable.

The Hullavator Pro enables people who would certainly have actually trouble lifting a kayak onto the roof of a Jeep to gain the sport of kayaking.

One necessary detail to note is that you’ll require Thule crossbars for this to job-related correctly.

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Choosing a Roof Rack for Your Jeep Wrangler/Gladiator

To usage a kayak rack with your Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator, you will additionally need a roof rack.

With so many kind of roof rack alternatives out there, we’ve picked a few great roof racks that you have to consider buying for your Jeep.

You’ll also have to save in mind whether you have actually a hard-height or soft-height, so we’ve break-up our options right into sections relying on your roof.

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Jeep Roof Rack for Hard Top

If you have a tough optimal Jeep, it is pretty basic to pick a good, affordable roof rack.

Here are a couple of of our peak roof rack selections for your hard peak Jeep.

1. Rhino Rack Aero Bar

The Rhino Rack Aero Bar is a very popular alternative if you’re trying to find an excellent top quality and also affordable pair of roof rack crossbars.

Installation is additionally incredibly straightforward, so this renders for an excellent basic roof rack setup.

With this roof rack, you’ll have the ability to mount all sorts of various things to your roof, such as kayak racks, cargo carriers/baskets, and also much more.

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2. Trail FX J029T Roof Rack

If you’re looking for somepoint even more than simply 2 easy crossbars choose the Aero Bar, the Trail FX J029T Roof Rack is an excellent choice.

The J029T is stylish, valuable, and also still not incredibly expensive.

This roof rack has 4 load-bearing crossbars in enhancement to a “cage-like” framework that wraps about the vehicle to mount the rack right into area.

Not just is this rack very useful, however it also transforms the appearance of your Jeep, providing it a rugged look.

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Jeep Roof Rack for Soft Top


Finding a roof rack that works via a soft-optimal Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator is challenging.

However before, the Rugged Ridge 11703.02 Roof Rack was designed to permit the soft-peak to remain sensible, therefore it is an excellent option for a soft-height Jeep.

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Although it’s more expensive that other roof racks, the capability to work through a soft-top Jeep renders it worth it.

For some reason, the crossbars for this rack are sold separately, so don’t foracquire to gain those too!