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Texture Diaries is a room for black color women throughout industries come reflect on their journeys come self-love, and how accepting their hair, in all its glory, play a pivotal role in this process. Every week, these females share their favorite hair rituals, products, and the biggest lessons they’ve learned as soon as it pertains to affirming your beauty and owning their unique hair texture.

Kelly Rowland to know the strength of statement hair. As soon as she moved to Houston to sign up with Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé’s mother Tina Knowles calm Rowland’s hair and gave her the iconic pixie cut that proved off her cheekbones. “I felt so unique, and one that a kind, because out of the 4 ladies, ns was the one v the short hair,” she says. “Now, we're in a location where you can buy five various hairstyles, and be five various girls if you desire in one day. Hair, come me, is around expression, and also being maybe to have actually fun through it.”

But Rowland didn’t always feel together coiffed confidence. “When i was a kid, ns remember mine hair gift super, at sight long, and super, super thick,” Rowland speak end zoom, clad in an oversized caramel pullover (her favorite piece from her new collection through JustFab) that seems to more accentuate her pregnancy glow (she’s expecting her 2nd child through Tim Weatherspoon). “ simply as fast as I had actually all this hair, it every left after I obtained a perm,” Rowland recalls. The procedure of cultivation it ago out came with new obstacles. “I went to a predominantly white school, and was comparing mine hair, my structure to other kids' hair,” she says. In retrospect, she says with a laugh, “braids would’ve to be a great alternative.” however Rowland didn’t check out braids in magazines or top top TV, or once she walk they seemed out that reach. “I was looking in ~ Janet Jackson's hair, and I would certainly say to myself, ‘That's simply not attainable. I recognize she payment a lot money because that that.’”

Rowland’s love for she hair began to flourish when she did lastly get a set of her own braids, done by she aunt. “It to be this big, beautiful, sprouted, braided layout that she walk that i absolutely loved, because I could swing the ponytail, honey,” Rowland says, motioning a hair flip with a laugh.


Photo: Courtesy the Austin Hargrave because that JustFab.Through every her hair transformations, the best lesson Rowland has learned is “no one dictates that you are. Her hair doesn't dictate who you are,” she says. “Your soul and also your personality does.” the self-confidence pipeline room to play. Throughout pregnancy, Rowland has been trying out with her look. “I’ve readjusted up my hair so lot already,” she says. “I had dreads, I had this long, curly, wavy wig situation, however I didn’t like it,” she adds through a laugh. “It was too soft and also I’m really enjoying ours texture appropriate now.” current favorite commodities include sample by Tracee Ellis Ross. “Everyone knows just how much i love her. And Pattern look at so great in mine shower,” she says. She likewise often uses Gabrielle Union’s conditioner. Next, she’s going to be diving into TPH by Taraji’s line. 

Rowland is already plotting the following phase of her hair journey—she plan to cut her hair turn off again when she turns 50. “I’m so excited for that day,” she says. “I was really motivated by Tiffany Haddish. My husband called me no to get any kind of ideas, but I called him, ‘excuse me? I’ve obtained all the ideas.’”

In addition to her haircare, Rowland is making a allude to turn the TV off and put her phone down as a part of she self-care regimen. “Especially gift pregnant now, I simply really desire to be mindful of that, so the I’m not adding extra stress and also shooting my cortisol level up so high,” she says. “We’re in the midst of an election that’s life or death,” she says, “so we have to remember to continue to be sane, continue to be healthy and also to lead through kindness. If our leader isn’t reflecting those things, that really vital for us to be that example.”


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