Kendra Wilkinson and also Hank Baskett dealt with the aftermath of Hank's 2014 cheating scandal in the seakid premiere of WE tv's Kendra on Top.WEtv

Kendra is earlier on top! Following Hank Baskett’s full confession about his encounter via transgender design Ava London on the the majority of dramatic season of Marriage Boot Camp yet, Kendra Wilkinson and her husband also were ready to provide their relationship a fresh begin in a brand-new season of Kendra on Top.

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But before the couple could forget the 2014 scandal, they reverted house from boot camp through a couple of unresolved concerns plaguing them. Tensions were high once Kendra flew to London and was photographed kissing an additional guy. Read Us Weekly’s recap for whatever you have to recognize about Kendra and also Hank’s post-scandal relationship –– plus details on their sex life!

Kendra Has a New Wedding Ring!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Kendra sported a brand-new sparkly diamond this week, and surpclimb, surpclimb — it was a brand-new bauble from her man. “The ring actually represents friendship,” she told her therapist. “I never before knew how weak my marital relationship was until going via this.”


Kendra and Hank were still reeling from their time on Marriage Boot Camp as soon as Kendra on Top started filming. WEtv

All About Kendra and Hank’s Sex Life

In spite of the hardships in their partnership, Kendra and Hank were still intimate. “For a married perkid, it’s a lot,” Kendra shelp as soon as her therapist asked how regularly they have actually sex. “Twice a week. I think twice is good. I’m satisfied, I don’t know if he is ’reason he doesn’t understand how to talk to me prefer that. Of course he wants even more, yet I’m prefer, you know…beg for it.”

Sex life aside, Kendra admitted that she has actually trouble kissing Hank in public: “Hugging, kissing cuddling…no,” she sassist, making a confront of sheer horror.

Kendra Questions Her Marriage and also Flirts Up a Storm

While Kendra is happy via Hank, she seemed conflicted about marriage in basic. “Sometimes I question marital relationship,” she told camages. “Is it best for me? Am I as well young for this? Is it really in my nature?”

Considering that Kendra spent her first solo night in London flirting up a storm with I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! star Jimmy Bullard, perhaps not. “I love Jimmy and also yes I do want to kiss him,” she sassist. “I have this emotional attachment to him. Being via Jimmy and also having actually fun with him and also flirting, inside it just does something. I get this thrill. I guess it’s wrong however that’s why it feels so appropriate.”


Kendra traveled to London in the Kendra on Top season premiere. WEtv

Unfortunately, the press recorded photos of Kendra and also Jimmy pseudo-kissing, and Hank wasn’t thrilled. “If that’s not a dual standard I don’t understand what is,” he said over the phone.

Why Did It Take Hank So Long to Come Clean?

Hank didn’t tell Kendra the fact about his scandal until Marriage Boot Camp, and everyone was wondering what took him so lengthy. “Last year was the worst year of my entire life. People were accusing my husband of cheating on me,” she sassist. “When I faced Hank he told me nopoint. I’ve still loved my husband also, but currently I have to know why he couldn’t tell me any sooner.”

After the seakid premiere, Kendra’s still waiting for her answer. Watch Kendra on Top Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on WE tv.

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