"This is why you do not sneak out and you do not lie — bereason you are going to acquire captured," Khloé Kardashian said on The Drew Barryeven more Show

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The Keeping Up through the Kardashians star, 36, made an appearance on The Drew Barryeven more Show Thursday and told the story of once she stole mother Kris Jenner's automobile at 16.

"I stole my mom's Range Rover, not in the middle of the night, it may have been nine or ten , but she was currently asleep, and also I snuck out," Kardashian redubbed. "I stuffed my bed through pillows — I just kbrand-new I was wiser than anybody else."

"I checked out a party at a hotel, and I parked my vehicle," she continued. " the valet comes knocking on the door and also they are like, 'Excuse me, there's this automobile on fire, and your car is alongside it and it's burning fifty percent of it.'"



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"So supposedly someone was cheating on their husband also. The husband also came and also lit the wife's auto on fire, and I didn't valet my auto bereason I couldn't afford valet at the moment, I was 16," she explained. "And I had my tricks, so they couldn't move my auto, and half of the Range Rover captured on fire."

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"I was just so scared, so I drove house via literally half of the car — there was choose, rubber around the windows just dripping down," she continued. "It was drive-able, however it was the navy blue Range Rover and it literally readjusted shade on one side bereason of the warm. It was so negative."

"This is why you don't sneak out and also you don't lie — because you are going to obtain caught," she told organize Drew Barryeven more. "Eincredibly time I lied I acquired recorded."

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Khloé Kardashian Once Stole Mom Kris Jenner"s Range Rover as a Teenager — and also It Caught on Fire