Kim Hyun-joong’s relationship and also girlfriend

Kim Hyun-joong is a South Korean singer, actor, dancer, and also entertainer. He is a member and also leader of the boy band SS501. He climbed as an actor, becoming well known via the 2009 KBS drama Boys Over Flowers. As both an actor and also a singer in Korea, Kim Hyun-joong’s life constantly geneprices public curiosity, specifically information concerned his love life.

Has Kim Hyun-joong been dating anyone? Let’s find out!

Kim Hyun-joong’s initially love


During the SBS show Night After Night, Kim Hyun-joong shared how he met his initially love.

“I met this girl at a Soondae stew restaurant in 7th grade. I went through my frifinish to have actually soondae stew and also discovered a girl that I really liked. So I went to that restaurant every day for 2 and a half years… But I actually acquired to check out her just two or three times.”

However, when he came to be a singer, he started to see his long-awaited crush, however they just dated for a little while, before his schedule expected they had actually to break up.

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Who is Kim Hyun-joong’s ex-girlfriend?


In 2014, Kim Hyun-joong was sued by a girl called Ms. Choi for domestic violence, even though he had apologized to her, and also she retracted the accusation. It was uncovered that he had actually been unfaithful to her (again), yet, and also they break-up up (again).

In 2015, Ms. Choi asserted that she was pregnant by the star and mislugged the kid. She demanded he offers her 1.6 billion won. She stated that she had actually no intention of marrying Kim Hyun-joong and would be the one who would be taking care of the son alone. However, in June 2015, it became clear that she was lying about the entirety point, and also the actor filed a lawsuit against her. 

In September 2015, Ms. Choi had a baby, and after 3 months, a DNA test was carried out. The result revealed that the baby is Kim Hyun-joong’s child. Ms. Choi still clintends damperiods. According to the latest news around the issue, it turns out that Ms. Choi is actually trying to pull off a fraud versus Kim Hyun-joong. In this case, Ms. Choi has actually currently destroyed Kim Hyun-joong’s name and career in the entertainment people.

After knowing the fact of all the lies that Ms. Choi had done to Kim Hyun-joong, he filed another lawsuit versus her for damaging his picture and also all the damage she had done to him, which led to him mental tension. And ultimately, after the lengthy battle of lawsuits in between him and also Ms. Choi, he won the lawsuit and also carried ago his image as a public figure like prior to.

The court’s ruling stated: “In light of the evidence displayed in the lawsuit records, tbelow is no fact that Ms. Choi mislugged due to Kim Hyun-joong’s attack, so it is admitted that Choi’s argument is false.”

Kim Hyun-joong’s dating rumor


Kim Hyun-joong debuted as a member of idol team SS501 in 2005. His place as the leader of the team made his popularity also bigger. His handsome challenge and beautiful voice had made civilization his fans in a short duration of time. After his success as a singer via his bandmates, he chose to take on another challenge in the entertainment people, this time as an actor. Again, his acting career got great responses, which made his fandom keep gaining bigger and also bigger. As the fandom gained bigger, the fans and world flourished also even more curious about his life, including his individual issues such as his love life. So, for further indevelopment, below are Kim Hyun-joong’s relationship dating rumors.

Kim Hyun-joong’s with Jung So-min


During Kim Hyun-joong’s acting in the 2010 MBC drama Playful Kiss, he played a cold-hearted boy via his co-star, Jung So-min, that played a cheerful girl. Jung So-min is a South Korean actress and also design. Their great chemistry in the drama made the public curious about their relationship in real life.

Fans and human being started to think that there should be something else between them external the drama bereason the couple looked so lovely and also cute together on the screen. As the drama aired, the dating rumors and gossips about them were spanalysis almost everywhere. Especially there were many kind of romantic scenes in between them which made the public so sure around their partnership. However before, there aren’t news concerned them dating till currently.

Kim Hyun-joong’s through Hwang Bo


During the 2008 MBC range present We Got Married, Kim Hyun-joong was paired via Hwang Bo, and also they ended up being a “virtual” married couple in the display. Throughout the show, both of them were also viewed wearing a couple of items, such as rings, which made human being think they really looked like a actual couple.

However, after the display finished, the couple, which was popular as the lettuce couple, didn’t store in touch, making the public wonder around their real connection off the screen. Besides, tbelow was no main announcement or confirmation from either of them after the display finished about their connection.

Kim Hyun-joong’s via Uee


Kim Hyun-joong and Uee started to get close after being part of the SBS array present Barefooted Friends in 2013. During the present, the 2 of them were frequently watched having actually many kind of lovely and also cute interactions, making people think that tright here was something between them. Especially when he told his friends jokingly that Uee was his girlfrifinish. From tbelow, many dating rumors and gossips around them rose in the media.

But then Kim Hyun-joong cleared the rumors and also gossips; he sassist that he and also Uee were not in any kind of romantic relationship at all. It was just a joke once he said that Uee was his girlfrifinish. Though the rumors and also gossips spread so fast, he actually knew and also intended it because it was not his first time gaining such rumors in his career. Even the staff of the present chosen to joke about that rumor on the collection.

Kim Hyun-joong’s existing girlfriend


Kim Hyun-joong has actually remained in the Korean Indusattempt for almost 15 years given that his deyet in 2005. Starting his entertainment career as a singer in a team called SS501, he has actually released many type of songs and has starred in miscellaneous dramas. Though tright here are many dating rumors and also gossips about his love life in the time of his career as a singer and actor, as of 2020, Kim Hyun-joong’s relationship status is single. He is not in a connection with anyone and also has actually put his emphasis on his career.

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However before, because of the worry with Ms. Choi, it will certainly be hard for Kim Hyun-joong to obtain close to one more girl or have actually a partnership quickly. Still, probably sooner or later, he will certainly start a relationship aacquire with someone, and also they will certainly love each various other.

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