“I need to be a little little bored before I start creating new ideas,” states Kim Vibe-Petersen, the Danish owner of 54m Parsifal III who heads up the Scanomat coffee machine empire. “Connecting the wires inside the brain happens once you’re not also busy via various other things,” he continues. “You wake up and think, ‘Where the hell did that come from?’”…

Kim Vibe-Petersen and also sons, Frederik and also Sebastian, sample the fruits of their coffee empire.

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“I need to be a little little bored prior to I start creating brand-new principles,” states Kim Vibe-Petersen, the Danish owner of 54m Parsifal III who heads up the Scanomat coffee machine empire. “Connecting the wires inside the brain happens once you’re not as well busy with various other things,” he proceeds. “You wake up and also think, ‘Wright here the hell did that come from?’”On the day of my visit to the purpose-built Scanomat facility just exterior Copenhagen, Kim Vibe-Petersen and his 2 young sons, Frederik and also Sebastian, were in an excited mood. News of their brand-new TopBrewer coffee machine was spanalysis choose wildfire throughout social media websites such as YouTube and also Mashable. They had just returned from the Host trade fair in Milan (“Wright here hospitality meets business”), during which agents flocked to secure dealerships for the new product. “The TopBrewer has made us the rock stars of the coffee-making business,” beams Vibe-Petersen over a generally Scandinavian lunch of pickled salmon. “People can’t think the machine deserve to make a five-layer latte instantly.”Scanomat was founded in the early on Sixties once Vibe-Petersen functioned via his father out of their garage importing and servicing beverage vending equipments. It was not long prior to his restless yet innovative nature led him to begin inventing the equipments himself and Scanomat was the initially agency in the human being to construct a fully automatic cappuccino machine. Today, 27 million cups of coffee from a Scanomat machine are drunk eincredibly day around the civilization.“Eexceptionally morning while I’m in the shower, our machines brew around a million cups in Europe alone, which is why I love to shower,” quips Vibe- Petersen in an interview for Stream, the Perini Navi house magazine.“We went from being an importer and organization firm to arising, structure and exporting the devices ourselves,” he recounts. “We own the patents and also production civil liberties, however we also market the coffee beans under the Amokka brand also and also spare parts, as well as giving servicing and also pay-as-you-go financing where the devices are leased on a aristocracy calculated per cup or per kilo. It implies we can contain expenses and manage the commercial chain from idea to completion.”

“Every morning while I’m in the shower, our machines brewaround a million cups in Europe alone, which is why I love to shower!”—KimVibe-Petersen

Coffee is significant company and also a significant commodity via the top 6 consumer nations – Finland also, Norway, Iceland, Dennote, the Netherland also and Sweden – all in north Europe (surprisingly. Italians consume just an average of 5.9 kilos of coffee per head annually, compared with a whopping 12 kilos for the Finns). To day, Scanomat has specialised in automated commercial equipments making use of instant or soluble coffee to fulfill this huge demand also.The hands-on brewers typical of Italian espresso bars can conform to well-known perceptions, however Vibe- Petersen points out that a famous high street coffee chain additionally uses an automated procedure, although to the unsuspecting customer it shows up the coffee is being made in the traditional manner with hand-operatedtamping – the process of compushing the ground coffee – and steaming to create the foam. The last few years, however, have actually watched increasing demand for coffee brewed from freshly ground beans likewise in the home and also the TopBrewer was developed to tackle this industry head on.

The TopBrewer deserve to develop a freshly brewed cup of coffee in less thanone minute.“The old ‘tough disc’ occasionally works much better while you’re sleeping and the principle involved me very at an early stage one morning in a flash,” recalls Vibe-Petersen. “I scribbled the concept dvery own on a tissue making use of my wife’s eyeliner, went ago to sleep and also obtained to work on it as quickly as I arrived in the office.”His concept was simple in significance, yet complex to achieve in practice: Why have actually a big, bulky machine as soon as you have the right to literally have freshly ground coffee on tap? He wanted to design and also manufacture an elegant, compact, self-cleaning, totally automatic machine that might produce the perfect cup of coffee every time. It additionally had to have the ability to serve up warm chocolate, tea, fruit juice, warmth or chilled milk and organic or carbonated water. In the occasion, the TopBrewer even gives heavy steam that deserve to be supplied for blanching vegetables. Amazingly, although the R&D took a year to perfect, Vibe-Petersen’s team of engineers had actually a working protokind up and also running in simply 2 days. I initially experienced the machine in action aboard Parsifal III in the time of the 2011 Perini Navi Cup. Installed in time for Vibe-Petersen’s birthday last year, the just visible component of the appliance is a curved, height-adjusteady stainmuch less steel spiobtained, much choose the kind you uncover in a residence kitchen. But that is where the similarity ends. The innovative component is attached at the functioning end of the tap: A patented milk foamer containing 22 components that is the smallest of its type. As cold water heats up on demand, chilled milk is pumped to the foamer and steamed to develop a textured foam for a cappuccino or latte. Frederik explains that chilled milk heated just before distribution is ideal because it has more oxygen and produces a far better froth.The same is true of the water, which makes for a much more flavoursome cup of coffee or tea. After each serving, cold water is immediately flumelted through the mechanism to clean the pipes. The TopBrewer comes via a stylish touch display constructed right into the included tableheight, but Frederik and also Sebastian are also perfecting iPhone and also iPad connectivity for the machine. The Beta-tested app implies you have the right to pre-programme your favourite coffee drink with complete control of the appliance, while condition messperiods screen once the appliance is woken up from standby till it is prepared to brew. Frederik’s very own iPhone and also iPad chime throughout the night with even more than 100 emails a day from potential distributors.Much of Vibe-Petersen’s company acumen and his penchant for innovation are reflected in his technique to yachting. Parsifal III is one of the the majority of successful super cruising yachts on the charter market and also is controlled by the household in conjunction through Camper & Nicholkid. Just prior to the financial crisis, the yacht was turning over US$5.5 million in annual charter revenue. Nowadays, the family members has come to be adept at stepping in at brief notice to make maximum use of their yacht in between charters – a process Vibe-Petersen explains as “the indistinguishable of synchronized swimming”. So as soon as Parsifal III is not busy fulfilling her reputation as one of the finest party watercrafts on the circuit, she is additionally working as a significant company proplace for her owner. But tbelow is an additional facet of Vibe-Petersen’s functioning life that pervades his love of cruising.

Much of Vibe-Petersen’s company acumenand his penchant for modern technology are reflected in his technique to yachting.

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Scanomat has actually pioneered a zero-wattage standby mechanism that completely shuts dvery own all power consumption. This brand-new heating innovation indicates the TopBrewer deserve to go from standby to all set in just 45 seconds and still produce a freshly brewed cup of coffee in less than a minute. In an eco-conscious nation wbelow offshore wind ranches provide more than 20 per cent of its energy requirements, favor the majority of of his countrymen, Vibe-Petersen is loath to waste it (his wife Nina, for example, was the initially person in Demark to take delivery of an electric Tesla car). This drive to harness brand-new technology to produce more reliable coffee devices has, subsequently, led straight to his latest cruising yacht idea.Ever given that the launch of the Perini Navi’s Maltese Falcon in 2006, Vibe- Petersen has actually been fascinated by the avenues for straightforward, power efficient sailing the DynaRig deserve to carry out and has actually spoken at size via Tom Perkins on the topic (he is also quick to allude out that a fellow Dane as soon as owned the DynaRig patents, however never before occurred the technology). Maltese falcon was designed about an existing 88-metre hull with standard diesel engines and also generators, yet Vibe-Petersen has actually been developing a 70-metre concept that employs the DynaRig linked through a diesel electrical or fully electric propulsion package and azimupoint pods.“We actually sail incredibly little via Parsifal III, which is frustrating,” he admits. “The trouble is that the preparation time is as well lengthy and also the wind conditions have to be just right. Maltese falcon, on the various other hand, sails a lot. But it still takes around salso minutes to deploy all the square sails. With even more compact and also efficient drivers, I want to minimize that time to about a minute and also a half.”This would make short transfers under sail to pick guests ashore, for example, more feasible. But Vibe-Petersen is likewise looking right into eco-friendly, auxiliary power from mast-top wind vanes, photovoltaic sail fabrics and electric pods via battery banks that recharge while under sail.“The problem is that all this needs the majority of expensive R&D,” he points out. “Tom Perkins was willing to foot the bill for Maltese falcon, however I want the subhome builders and the shipyards to invest in these developing innovations, as they’re the ones who will certainly advantage in the lengthy term. After all, I make coffee machines – I’m not in the boatstructure service.”Some companies are reflecting interest and also Vibe-Petersen revealed he had just obtained a 120-page report from ABB investigating alternatives for electrical pods, yet until even more investors come on board, his dream of a Falcon-rigged Parsifal IV is most likely to reprimary just that – a pipe dream. In the meantime, his magpie brain continues to gather shiny new ideas that have the right to benefit his core business.