A Man of the Cloth is a Side Quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance (KCD). This walkwith will overview you via all objectives of A Man of the Cloth Side Quest and also wbelow to uncover Father Simon (the Skalitz Priest).

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The goal of this side search is to uncover Simon and also make him go back to Rovna so he deserve to assist redevelop the village.

You gain this pursuit by talking to the lone survivor in Rovna. This ties in through the Side Quest “In God’s Hands“. While doing “In God’s Hands”, the objectives will certainly lead you to “A Man of the Cloth” side search instantly.

Unlocking the Quest

You unlock the search by talking to the sole survivor of Rovna, a man sleeping in a hut. If you’re on the In God’s Hands Side Quest, the waypoint markers will certainly lead you tbelow automatically (both side searches are tied into each other). You have the right to see the starting location marked on the map below:


(Optional) Talk to the household of Father Simon’s housekeeper

Exhaust all dialogue alternatives with the search giver. He will tell you some details about the Priest Simon, who is your primary taracquire of the quest. He had actually connections with his housemhelp and also you need to go talk to her parental fees. Their area gets marked on the map immediately, in a residence north of Skalitz.

Note: this is optional yet helps to acquire a map marker for Simon’s area. You have the right to additionally skip this and go straight ahead to “Look about the location, Simon could well be hiding somewhere nearby“.

Go to the cross

If you talked to the housemaid’s parents you obtain a marker to her grave in the woods, marked by a cross. Just go to the waysuggest marked on the map and connect with the cross.

Look roughly the location, Simon can well be hiding somewright here nearby

After communicating with the cross you gain a small search area for Simon’s place. However, also if you skipped the last two goals he have the right to be discovered here! The exact place of where to discover Simon is noted on the screenshot listed below (the facility dot of the yellow wayallude marker is the specific spot):

Kingdom Come Deliverance – Father Simon Priest Location in “A Man of the Cloth” Side Quest

It’s close to a river, up a hill. When approaching the area you’ll run into 2 bandits and also the objective to rescue Father Simon triggers.

Rescue Father Simon

One of the bandits who is holding Simon hostage will certainly talk to you immediately.

Pick the adhering to dialogues:

I’ve come for Father Simon(Speech-Persuasion) The Talmberg guards are after you –> he has actually speech level 0, so picking the speech persuasion will always succeed

The bandits will now go amethod without a fight.

Find the Skalitz Priest / Find Father Simon

Simon will be sitting in the bandit’s camp, appropriate wbelow you talked to the bandits. However, he won’t be noted on the map! He’s not tough to discover though, after the automatic talk with the bandits he’ll be sitting ideal in front of you. It has actually taken place to me that he didn’t spawn, then I reloaded the autoconserve and he showed up. See screenswarm below:

Talk to Simon and also convince him to return to Rovna.

Pick dialogues:

They weren’t dangerousThose civilization need youAs you say

If you’re on the In God’s Hands Side Quest be certain to pick “I require aid via treatment” at the end of your talk. Then he will certainly give you the recipe for Artemisia Potion which you must cure among the sick in the Sasau Monastery.

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Go to Rovna and also report what happened

Now head earlier to the quest giver to finish A Man of the Cloth Side Quest.