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Dandelion Dreams, Inc. helps you sit and sleep better via quality commodities.

Most office, auto and kitchen chairs carry out not provide adequate assistance for the lumbar spine or reduced earlier. Kiss My Back! from Dandelion Dreams solves this problem with a versatile, body-conforming style that gives fantastic spinal stability and comfort.

Core stability in a sitting position starts through excellent reduced back support. The Kiss My Back!® earlier support reinforces the organic curve of the lumbar spine. In rotate, this straightens the neck, shoulders and upper earlier. The result is an erect, well-sustained spine and reduced soft tproblem stress and anxiety in the neck, shoulders, top and lower ago, and buttocks.

Kiss My Back!® back supports are great for those who have actually ago difficulties and also challenge sitting. Jane D. claims, “After eight months of physical therapy, Kiss My Back! is what provides sitting tolerable, if not painless. Thanks for this excellent product!” But you don’t need to endure from ago pain to enjoy its benefits. CFO Clem F. sits at his computer all day long and provided to rub his neck constantly by the finish of the workday. After buying a Kiss My Back!® ago assistance, he states, “I’ve not had actually to rub my neck once! WHAT A RELIEF!”

Each Kiss My Back!® earlier support:


Fits all office chairs and car seatsOffers a secure and also global fit, using an adjustable buckle and also sturdy nylon strap device, staying clear of slippage and holding the unit in placeFeatures a durable mesh towel on a strong lightweight metal frame, enabling for comfortable aircirculation and also minimizing perspirationIs sturdy and lightweight for portability

Dandelion Dreams additionally uses Kiss My Back! comfort seat cushions and also stylish comfort covers, as well as a Total Sleep Mask System.

The Total Sleep Mask System was conceived and developed through the realization that tbelow had to be an alternative to wrapping a pillow over your head to block out unwanted noise and also light, both at house and also as soon as travelling. The device solves this problem via its innovative dual-usage design that blocks light and reduces sound.

It is an uprange, top-of-the-line and beautitotally designed sleep mask, providing a multitude of attributes and benefits. Comfortable and attrenergetic, it helps you autumn asleep and remain asleep, getting an excellent night’s rest.

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