Kris Jenner’s love life reads like a “how not to” book by Dr. Phil. She hasn’t to be blessed with cupid’s arrow, until currently it seems. Kris zener allegedly dumped longtime beau Corey Gamble and also shacked up v – wait for it – a Nigerian billionaire, Christopher Cunningham. Reports have surfaced indicating that Kris jenner took the madwoman route and ended up through this dude from Nigeria. Is the true? Well, us can controversy the veracity any time you will do like, yet if yes smoke, there’s definitely a raging inferno particularly when the Kardashians room involved. The man in question, Christopher Cunningham, is 45-years-old, filthy rich, and also interested in getting associated with the Kardashians.

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What taken place to Corey Gamble?

Kris jenner told Ellen Degeneres that no, the two – Corey and Kris – room not destined for marriage. Is it due to the fact that she found brand-new love in the arms of Christopher? Or is she simply fed up through Corey Gamble? Whilst the latter can be true, it’s amazing to keep in mind that Kris Jenner will go where the money is. Christopher is worth end $6 billion. Oh. My. Lawd. The two purportedly met if vacationing in Greece and also if sources are to be believed, it to be love at very first sight.


Kris hasn’t been checked out out-and-about with Corey in end a month – he also dined alone a couple of work ago. Therefore is the out with the old and also in through the brand-new – the filthy rich new? Possibly. There’s also reports indicating that the two are currently engaged. I’m unsure whether to think this vapid form of proof, since there’s no sightings of a wedding ring top top Kris’ money-hungry fingers. Possibly Christopher is so rich that he bought Kris one Elizabeth Taylor diamond or convinced the Queen to give away her family jewels?

Anything is possible. Kim and Khloe Kardashian have also allegedly met Christopher Cunningham, but there’s no native on whether the sisters appreciated his Dom Perignon-esque company. (Khloe was off playing v crayons and Kim Snapchatted a snapshot of bread or something). Christopher also bought a beach house worth $15 million (small adjust for him) on none other than Manhattan Beach. This alleged love nest is for specifically for Kris and also Christopher to enjoy their time spent together.

Hey, what walk one do once dating a billionaire? friend bloody well make certain you authorize a prenup (get every the money!) and also you focus on keeping him happy.

So stated the patriarchs.

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Momager can have a brand-new man she could manage – let’s hope she go a bang up job of it.