\"I have been waiting for this conversation due to the fact that the day i obtained pregnant,\" the mother of 2 remarked



After the holidays, Kristen Bell uploaded a collection of videos that herself as she watched she husband Dax Shepard speak with one of their daughters off-camera around the center finger — and also what the means.

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Talking around a masculine classmate who generally used the symbol, your daughter told her father the she was told by him the the word way “f—.”

“Yeah, that’s right,” Shepard, 44, replied as heard in Bell’s video, adding that the classmate was “naughty“ to use that sort of language.

“I have been wait for this conversation due to the fact that the work I gained pregnant,” Bell, 39, wrote alongside the clip. “The one where we talk about what fingers mean.”

Shepard went on to prayer his daughter because that not following the example set by she classmate. “You know that’s a naughty finger and I never ever see you execute that. It provides me for this reason proud. The you know it, however you don’t do it,” the Parenthood alum said.

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Continually spanning her challenge throughout the conversation — particularly as her daughter repeatedly said the curse native — Bell revealed that she was “trying so hard not to laugh.”

“It’s excruciating,” she composed alongside another clip, together she offered her husband a scream out. “

As the conversation continued, Shepard frankly told their daughter that she had used the curse indigenous a couple of times as soon as she was younger and also didn’t understand she shouldn’t.