Marissa provides a decision around the future of her family. Caroline Fleming it s okay news around her cookbook. Sophie tells her kids about her separation. Juliet celebrates she blog milestone, and the women gather in ~ a goodbye party for Caroline Stanbury. 43:24

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Adela, Caroline Stanbury & Sophie share a slumber party in commemoration the Caroline's last week in London. Caroline Fleming litter a Mid Summer's night themed party in honor of her mom, however when a secret is exposed the celebration i do not care a nightmare. 43:23

The women head to a high culture rowing event, but the fun takes a dive once Adela confronts Juliet. Marissa consults a doctor around her health, if Caroline Stanbury keeps a stiff upper lip when her mother deals with her father's health and wellness crisis. 43:23

The whiskey is flowing as Caroline Stanbury's getaway through the ladies continues. After being faced over she negativity, Juliet makes an effort to regime in she temper when it becomes noticeable Marissa is struggling v her health. 43:24

In an effort to reconnect v her friends, Caroline Stanbury take away the ladies on a trip. Sophie continues to pledge her loyalty to her family over friends. Marissa is faced over starting the rumors and Adela opens up about her troubled past. 43:24

It's the Queen's birthday and the women celebrate! Juliet asks Caroline and also Caroline to sign up with her because that a trendy pub crawl. Marissa & Juliet face each other about gossiping when Sophie & Caroline Stanbury decide to finally have the out. 43:24
video by True Royalty.TV. Juliet Angus weighs in top top the former Suits actress' life with Prince Harry.
S3/EP11 uncover out just just how fabulous Caroline's Dubai palace is...but don't counting her out of London.
S3/EP11 Let's just say Caroline Stanbury's good-bye dinner bring away a turn as soon as Juliet Angus call the women out for absence of loyalty.
S3/EP11 between saying goodbye to Luke Henderson and also Sophie Stanbury dropping a bomb around her divorce, Caroline Stanbury is in reality shedding tears.
S3/EP11 Or is Sophie Stanbury too loose lipped? It counts on that you ask. Check out their confrontation now.

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