Happy Halloween from SERVAMP~!! You all know how much this fandom is still a part of my main ones so, I decided to translate some parts of the Halloween event~! The characters encountered are random so, the posts will be random, too ^^

Under the cut, enjoy~!

(… Hm? That person over there is…)


TETSU: Hm? Did you need something from me?TETSU: … This costume? Um… Today’s you know, it’s that. Um… “Caffeine”?HUGH: It is Halloween, Tetsu! You only got the “N” part right, boy!TETSU: Oh yeah, that thing. I’m wearing this costume ‘cause it’s “Honeymoon”.

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HUGH: I said, it’s “Halloween”! Just because the characters look the same doesn’t mean that they have the same definition! HUGH: Ahem… Either way, today is Halloween. That’s why Tetsu and I are wearing costumes!

(I see. Today is Halloween,huh…)


A.) You seem excited.B.) You look like the real thing.

–> CHOOSING A or B gives the same dialogue:

TETSU: I had Miyako and Yumikage help me with it. They’re pretty good with make-up, y’know?HUGH: Indeed! You look good, Tetsu!

(… This might besomething I shouldn’t ask, but…)


A.) Um, Hugh is—during the actual story is um…B.) I don’t really get the space-time frame of what’s going on but…C.) No, I’ll stop thinking too deep into it!

–> Choosing either of the three gives the same dialogue:HUGH: Hm, what is it? What’s wrong with me?TETSU: ? Did something happen? Space-time?HUGH: In any case, it’s Halloween! Let’s stop the unrelated talk and just begin! HUGH: TETSU: That’s right, you always say such wonderful things, Hugh. “Tri—“… “Trea—“…TETSU: Tri—Or whatever you say, yeah.HUGH: Hm? What should I do to get as many treats as I can? No one better complain if I take your blood in exchange! TETSU: I heard there’s a lot of yakitori parties going around tonight. It’d be good if they had proper candies to give out.HUGH: Halloween! It’s a Halloween party, Tetsu! Where did you get the “yakitori” from?! Is it from the Trick and Treat’s “Tori” ?! TETSU: It’s only a little but I brought some candies from the inn. You take some with you, too. Here, have some cookies.HUGH: If you bring candies with you, you can participate in the Halloween Party, you know? Be careful not to overeat though.

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TETSU: The cookie came from a wagon that arrived sometime during noon. They give food samples too so drop by if you can.HUGH: Now then, it is about time for us to gather our treats! We will not be going home until we’re drowning in candy, Tetsu! TETSU: Yeah. Then, I’ll be going now. Big Bro Mahiru and that shrimp might come out as ghosts in the night. You have fun, too, okay? HUGH: True to our make-up, we will show them what real darkness is like! Forward! It is time for us to enjoy Halloween to its fullest!


(Halloween, huh… I have to visit the wagon that appeared during noon to get some candy, and then when the ghosts appear at night, I have to give them candy…? Is that right?)