WB Television\"s LEGO Billboards

LEGO Batman Movie Mania is in full swing this week as the brick-built crime fighter is getting support from everywhere the Warner Bros. Family. The Warner Bros. Television team just unveiled brand-new LEGO-inspired billboards because that a slew the its shows. Inspect out these facebook posts, consisting of a video clip of the unveiling this morning!

And, beginning tonight, be certain to clock this week\"s episodes of Supergirl, The Flash, DC’s Legends of tomorrow and Arrow ~ above The CW as soon as each display will spotlight a Lego-inspired end card, featuring tradition Lego execution of the characters, and the Dark knight will show up in a collection of promotional movie spots during the episodes as well. Check out this responses indigenous 2 broke Girls\" Kat Dennings and also The big Bang Theory\"s Mayim Bialik.

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LEGOBatmanMovie! I constantly said ns looked far better without a sleep pic.twitter.com/p5HjkZyf8q

— Kat Dennings (

Check out this LEGO #BigBangTheory poster that was just unveiled in ~ Warner Bros. Studios!!! pic.twitter.com/qNiURAjej4

— Mayim Bialik (

Yippee - Robin is here! #MichaelCera lands at the #LEGOBatmanMovie premiere. Pic.twitter.com/GNqicbqxEN

— LEGO Batman (

The Soundtrack

The LEGO Batman Movie Soundtrack indigenous WaterTower Music to be released this past Friday, featuring 28 tracks, consisting of \"Who\"s the Bat(Man)\" from Patrick Stump.


The soundtrack is easily accessible now ~ above iTunes, Amazon and also Spotify, and will also be accessible on vinyl in May.

Takin\" It come The Streets

Meanwhile in malls around the country, LEGO Batman, Batgirl and Robin performed a Costume Tour. 

Check out the Facebook photo album with pan of all ages visiting with this trio the LEGO/DC heroes.


Meet the LEGO Batman Crew

And in instance you let go the recent Facebook Live Streaming event with Will Arnett, manager Chris McKay and producers Dan Lin, Christopher Miller and also Phil Lord, who gathered with each other at the LEGO flagship keep in London to talk about the film (and build their very own LEGO at sight heroes), right here are a couple videos:

The LEGO Batmobile

Speaking the videos, Chevrolet got involved in the structure of the LEGO Batmobile and also here is a look at all that went into that:

— Chevrolet (

LEGO Batman Products

If you\"re trying to find official LEGO Batman assets for your tiny ones (or maybe also yourself), there are a slew that products easily accessible for you understand builders.

And if you\"re feeling lucky, DC Comics is right now running the impressive LEGO Batman Movie Bundle Sweepstakes through the winner receiving more than $500 precious of LEGO Batman products. Entrance deadline is February 20, so acquire on it.


Games & Activities

Last month, Warner Bros., DC Entertainment and The LEGO Group linked forces and released The LEGO Batman Movie Game app.

There are likewise a vast array of totally free LEGO Batman activities available to while far the hours before Friday\"s theatrical premiere.

On the main movie site, you can Create Your own Super Hero or step right into the Bat Booth and upload your photograph to the Selfie Builder. However if online games are much more your thing, store your fingers liven with Stop Joker\"s Escape, Lobster Thermidor Cook-Off, Alfred\"s Bat-Snaps, Fruit Bat Smoothie and Dolphin Rider


Pinterest Coloring and also Stuff


Download personality Posters native the official movie site.


More Coloring Printables are obtainable on LEGO\"s family-friendly site.


Back come the official movie site, friend have accessibility to an activity Book that\"ll save you and also the youngsters busy this week.

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