Essentially the precursor come “A Milli,” it appeared that through the end of summer (of 2006) everyone had actually recorded a verse end “Cannon”The non-Wayne rappers top top the tune – Freeway… read More 

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>YeahAMG's the gang!Dedication 2DramaPay attention! (Gangsta Gri-Zillz!)>Howdy-do, motherfuckers, it's Weezy BabyNiggas bitching and also I gotta dead the (My nigga Don Cannon!)Haha! hear close, I gained duct tape and also rope (Oh!)I leaving you missing like the fucking O'bannonsOne hand on my money, one hand on mine buddyThat's the AK-47, make his neighborhood love meBullets choose birds, you can hear them bitches hummingDon't let that bird shit, he gained a weak stomachNiggas know I'm sick: i don't spit, i vomit—got it?One egg quick of the omeletSimon says: \"Shoot a nigga in his thigh and also legAnd call him, 'Catch up,' like mayonnaise\"; um—I'm the sickest nigga act it—bet that, babyThese various other niggas dope; I'm wet crack, baby, yes!Get back, gain back, boy, this a setbackClumsy-ass niggas slip and also fall into a fatality trapThem boys pussy, born without a backboneAnd if girlfriend strapped, we can trade choose the Dow JonesWet that up, i hope he acquired his bath towel onI aim at the moon, and get mine howl onSome niggas cry wolf, I'm on that dry kushAnd once it pertained to that paper, ns stack books haYou heard what i saidI have the right to put friend on her feet or placed some money ~ above ya headLife ain't cheap, you much better off dead if friend can't pay the feeShout the end my nigga FeeSee, every motherfucker at the door don't obtain a keyYou're external looking in, so tell me what you seeIt's about money, it's bigger than meI told my homies, \"Don't death him, carry the nigga to me\" (Gangsta!)Yeah, don't miss, girlfriend fucking v the hitmanKidnap a nigga, make him feel prefer a son again
Straight up, i ain't acquired no conversation for youNigga, speak to the (Cannon!
)Yeah, have a couple of words v the (Cannon!)Yeah, tell it to mine motherfucking (Cannon!)Yeah, straight up, i ain't obtained no conversation because that youNigga, speak to the (Cannon!)Yeah, have actually a few words through the (Cannon!)Nigga, tell the to my motherfucking (Cannon!)From philly to whereby I'm landing, I'm a (Cannon!)And I'm on that philadelph fighting shit, and also I come totally equippedYou shot me, acquire bodied, save Nina and shotty in the whipIf a nigga shot to pole me, I'ma blam himSing follow me now—\"Di-di-dadi,\" I'm Free, acquired the burnersGot the green, he gained the tan, gained the entirety enchiladaOwe me dough, I'm inside of her house, tie up her brother (Woo)Make the prick call up your mother (Ugh), she can know where to discover you, ns am—On top of my job, the heavyweight champ v the flowIt's circulation like the ocean, open water, you're drowning, I will (Damn)Four-pound him and seek him, heat him, then leaving him stinking (Yuh)Sharks surround him and eat him, quite to know him, i will— (Yeah)Roll over your squad prefer I'm \"One-Punch\" CarrYou chumps, you best call basic Motors, i will— (Ugh)Take control of her soldiers, girlfriend won't miss out on 'em'Til ns toss em in the wok favor chicken, basic Tso, uh-oh!
I do it tough for rap niggas, I'm peer push (Yes)Matter of reality I'm an inspiration to rap far better (Yes)I show niggas how to act, exactly how to dress betterI stay fresh, much more fitted cap than poor catchers (Woo)I'm the crack, the smack, the gun, the ruleThe gat, the strap, the gun, the toolThe motherfucking (Cannon!
)Other words, I'm the real, for realWe deserve to go examine for inspect or invoice for billWe deserve to go chick because that chick or ability for skillThe deal is sealed (Yes)Niggas ain't real as Will, 'cause I'm a (Cannon!)And I manage well, pedal prefer CannondaleAnd I gained the 50-cal' mag, that a handheld (Cannon!)I'm informing you niggas, i pop, placed a covering in you niggas (Oh)My pretty watch'll Helen Keller girlfriend niggas (Oh, oh)I gained whores in the Canon camcorder bendin' overBlowing 'ghan by the quarter, weed odor in the Rover, niggaYeah (Cannon!)Detroit Red getting change like lock white folks (Ha)Dump it the end the window of the variety with the rifle (Ha)Pain like a bitch like the very first day that a bike (Ha)You much better scurry when I traction the (Cannon! Ha)Tracks burn the streets choose a truck do the gasI love head and also caressing a voluptuous ass (What else?)I questioning ya baby mama is she as much as the taskShe favor \"Damn Red, it's bigger than a (Cannon!)\"My attire provides the ladies say, \"Your man is too fly\" (What else?)Imported oil from Iran and also Dubai (What else?)Get captured slipping with your mans, and also you dieWhere I'm from, niggas be quick to squeeze out the (Cannon! Ha)Detroit Red always got some shit for her earsShow me love, however keep it moving, man, 'cause if you acquire near (Ha)I'll say, \"Get turn off my dick\" and tell her bitch to come here'Cause you sweating me and also my DJ, Don (Cannon!)

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Legs spread much out, friend know how I'm standingYeah, I'm posted through the big homie (Cannon!
Ha)I got niggas that don't favor rap loving our shitWe got niggas who was stuck on Pac bumping our shitThese niggas can't view me like I ain't been around latelyA good batter; as soon as they at the mound, it's gravyNiggas salty, I'm pepper, no SpinderellaJust a cigarillo filled through TropicanaYeah, Vic found that lick; now, we ain't cigarette smoking no more regularKeep your mid-grade, i don't think you know no betterThey love \"In Da Trunk\"; now, they wanna hear an ext shitI play the modest, like, \"Nigga, that's some of our old shit\"Got niggas i ain't never met wanting come fight meGot hoes that's in love, asking, \"Why girlfriend don't prefer me?\"Bitch, I'm married to the game, and I love my wifeyStepping end competition, man, i love this Nikes (Yeah)I'm hot, lock fanningNiggas try to copy my format like the (Cannon! Ha)Don't shot to compare—I'm in a league of my ownIf i ain't listed at the top, nigga, the stats is wrongAll the data is off, your information ain't validArtist that the century, the vain ain't balancedTrue, like understand P and his 2 brothersDon't speak to it incest, but Juice the motherfucker, like— geah!This what I'ma do!From below on out, you can call me Mr. Video game Seven!Oh, yeah!That was simply preseason!You thought we was play for real?