While most Hollywood stars continue to be in your corners, there have been a few actors and actresses that have actually ventured off right into the world of music...

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The world of pop culture has grown immensely in the critical 2 decades, with stars act just around everything and anything they have the right to to add to their repertoire. While many Hollywood stars stay in your corners, there have actually been a few actors and actresses that have ventured off into the human being of music, and also have excellent so successfully.

regardless of only being recognized for their job-related on film and television, plenty of stars, from Lindsay Lohan to pen Badgley, Kevin Bacon and also Kim Kardashian, have gone top top to produce music, and still perform so to this an extremely day.

when you could be in awe over some celebs that you completely forgot ever before made music, us have acquired you covered! below are 15 celebs who have actually all dabbled in the music scene, while every one of us have forgotten all around it.

Lindsay Lohan is mostly known for her acting career starring in hits movies from \"Freaky Friday\", \"The parental Trap\", and also \"Just mine Luck\", however, one point many civilization forget around LiLo is the she once had a music career. The star released her first-ever album \"Speak\", back in 2004, and also while she hasn\"t released any kind of music since then, Lindsay is readying an additional album after having just released she newest single \"Back to Me\" this previous March.

While we love watching her gain into all sorts the antics ~ above \"The Lizzie McGuire\" show, hilary Duff was additionally crushing the game in the record studio. The actress has a number of albums out and also has even released brand-new music this year! native her an initial album ago in 2003 to she newest solitary \"Never Let girlfriend Go\", which has actually been out because February.

Jamie Foxx is hand down one of the biggest names in Hollywood! The gibbs has appeared in a number of successful films, however, his vocals are practically just as impressive. Foxx not just won the Oscar for his portrayal as Ray Charles in \"Ray\", but he\"s likewise released a variety of albums and appeared ~ above Kanye West\"s \"Gold Digger\".

when Rya Gosling to be dancing and singing during his Mickey computer mouse days together Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera, the star go on to end up being one that the many successful romantic comedy actors in the business, however, fans could not be mindful of the reality that Gosling has actually been and still is component of a band called Dead guy Bones.

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Taylor Momsen has actually been acting since she was a tiny girl, an initial appearing as Cindy Lou who in \"How The Grinch Stole Christmas\", however, ours \"Gossip Girl\" alumn is additionally a pretty huge deal in the music industry. She is the lead singer that the band \"Pretty Reckless\", and also has been because that over a decade!

Now, this could come together a shock, but Scarlett Johansson is rather a talented woman! She not only shows up in films, consisting of her most recent job-related in Marvel\"s upcoming release \"Black Widow\", but she likewise knows a thing or two about music after having been the singer in her girl team band, The Singles.

It appears former actors members the \"Gossip Girl\" all have ties come the music industry! Leighton Meester, who notoriously play Blair Waldorf top top the CW fight show, is also a singer. She an initial began her career showing up on the monitor \"Good Girls walk Bad\" v Cobra Starships, and has because released a variety of solo albums indigenous 2014 on.

speak of \"Gossip Girl\" actors member, penn Badgley that played Dan Humphrey, and now the creepy yet captivating Joe top top Netflix\" \"You\", is likewise involved in the music scene. Badgley is the command singer of his an extremely own band, Mothxr, which has actually been approximately for quite a while, think it or not.

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Robert Downey Jr. Has had actually a career unlike anyone in Hollywood! The actor is mostly well-known for his duty as Tony stark in the Marvel hit movie \"Iron Man\" and \"The Avengers\", however, small do some civilization know, Robert is additionally a musician. Among his best albums to day is \"The Futurist\", i beg your pardon is certainly worth listening to.

Priyanka Chopra is mostly recognized for she Bollywood work, and many American movie hits, in enhancement to gift married come Nick Jonas. Regardless of her time working on film and television, Chopra has a successful music career under her belt. Her most recent work was earlier in 2017 after ~ collaborating through Australian DJ will Sparks because that \"Young & Free\", an EDM song which Chopra wrote!

Paris Hilton truly is doing it all! indigenous her successful fragrance line, handbag collection, fashion designs and also taking over the world, she deserve to also include singer to her resume. Paris Hilton may be recognized for her mainly DJ skills, yet what many of us can have forgotten, is the fact that Paris has released music of she own, including her hit tune \"Stars are Blind\", which to be released means back in 2006.

while she has absolutely stolen our hearts playing Aria in \"Pretty tiny Liars\", Lucy Hale also has fairly a successful country music career. The actress has dabbled with music in the past, but it was not till 2014 that she released her first-ever nation album, roadways Between, which came to be a huge success in the joined States.

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while this might come as a surprise, or not a shock at all, Kevin Bacon, and also his brother, Michael, have remained in a band called the Bacon Brothers, because that over 2 decades. The two made decision to obtain together and kind the band ago in 1995, and also have been releasing brand-new music ever before since.

Jeffree Star is mostly recognized for his cosmetic empire, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, however, prior to racking in millions and also millions of dollars from his assembly collections, Jeffree Star an initial gained popularity means back during the MySpace days together a singer. He has actually gone on tour a number of times and also has a couple of hits under his belt as well.

Kim Kardashian has managed to find herself as one of the many famous human being in the whole world, and while numerous of us virtually know everything there is come know around Kim, there is one reality that stays a secret. Earlier in the previously seasons of \"Keeping Up through The Kardashians\", Kim taped her an initial and only single \"Jam *(Turn it Up)\", which she developed with The-Dream. If she is no Mariah Carey, the tune was rather the hit, and all proceeds and also purchases were all donated come charity.

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