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WHOOPS: Lindsay Lohan exposed much more than she bargot for (Image: VANTAGE)

The star has actually repeatedly hit headlines for all the wrong reason newly.

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And yet aobtain she has actually returned to the spotlight, this time for exposing herself.

On Monday evening the Typical Girls actress endured an embarrassing wardrobe malfeature.


Celebrity nip slips, sideboobs & underboobs

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occupychristmas.orgMPLETELY UNAWARE: The star didn't seem to realise she was flashing her modesty (Image: VANTAGE)

Lindsay, 30, was attfinishing a party for De Grisgono founder Fawaz Gruosi's 64th birthday at Hotel Cala di Volpo in Porto-Cervo in Italy, when she accidentally exposed far also a lot of her modesty.

The redheaded actress – who travelled to Sardinia after a huge bust-up through her fiance Egor Trabasov – was sporting a revealing low-cut blue frock.

As she posed for breaks over dinner, the beauty accidentally flamelted her appropriate nipple for all to watch.


OUTFIT CHANGE: And who knew Lindsay was pals via Shaggy? (Image: VANTAGE)

Clat an early stage unaware of the fashion fail, Linds ongoing to pose and also smile for the camera, also taking a selfie with Ricky Yune as she was blissfully ignorant.

However before, later on in the evening the flame-haired actress readjusted into a more occupychristmas.orgvered-up ensemble instead. Sensible, really.

After realising she was leaving very little bit to the imagination, she swapped the blue frock out for a red and cream outfit rather.

She was likewise spotted chatting to an unlikely friend, singer Shaggy.


WHAT IS GOING ON? Lindsay and also Egor recently hit headlines after a large fight (Image: INSTAGRAM/ LINDSAY LOHAN)

Despite some seriously difficult weeks, the star appears to be in great spirits.

Last week a shocking video – filmed by an onlooker in Mykonos, Greece – appeared to display billionaire Egor violently grab Lindsay and also twist her arm behind her ago, as he tried to grab a phone from her hand.

The clip went viral and also Lindsay claimed it was just one of several assaults she's been based on in her partnership.

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She said: "I realise currently you can't occupychristmas.orgntinue to be in a relationship simply for love.

"No woguy can be hit and also occupychristmas.orgntinue to be through that perkid if that perboy isn't ready to say sorry."

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