Katy Miles is an 18-year-old writer and poet, her writing spans all genres, from spirituality to cryptocurrency and satire.

The sun and the moon, wondered at by all of mankind throughout our history. These two celestial bodies inspired our stories, our gods and our monsters and there is no doubt as to why. We are ruled by them, their obit’s dictating our days, months and seasons with each fraction of rotation.

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Their energies give our world it’s life and it’s order, watching over the chaos with a calm predictable pattern, their changes mimicking the changes we go through ourselves. From the ages of ancient Greece to today we have somehow forgotten a sacred knowledge about how these shimmering bodies relate to us personally.

This is the knowledge that the sun and the moon represent the energies of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. These are forces we harbour within us that, when acknowledged, can open the door to a level of emotional and physical freedom that is crucial to a life of fulfillment and success. The Greeks displayed this knowledge in their gods: Apollo, the god of the sun is a fine masculine figure with a love for music and a tendency for war; whilst his twin sister Artemis is the goddess of the moon. She symbolises hunting, dancing and is the protector of young girls.

Both energies have their strengths and weaknesses. The masculine energy being famed for progress, aggression, determination and physical endurance; rising above the horizon day after day. The moon however, like the feminine energy ebbs and flows in strength and instead of physical endurance the divine feminine represents emotional endurance, intellect, growth and change.

Whilst the lunar and solar patterns have gendered connotations the energies themsleves have nothing to do with the human idea of sex. Whilst some find it easier to connect with the masculine energy of the sun (living by the sun) for example, it does not dictate their ability to access the divine feminine (loving by the moon). Each of us possesses a unique blend of these two opposing forces which when harnessed properly can bring both inner harmony and connectedness within our relationships.

The phrase living by the sun and loving by the moon makes sense when you think about it in terms of the energies I have described but using certain aspects of the masculine archetype of the sun to your advantage can not only improve your physical wellbeing but also your quality of sleep and even your career!

How to live by the sun and what are its benefits?


The answer is simple and its crux lies in the belly of observation – observe the sun and the length of his days and work with them rather than against them. An easy way to implement this is by taking five minutes each morning, coffee in hand, to gaze out the window and watch as the sun changes the world around us day by day.

It’s easier said than done but by working with the sun’s hours we can improve our quality of sleep and our quality of life in general.

The sun gives us seasons and with each season comes a task, in winter the sun sets early suggesting we should rest as much as we can, keeping ourselves warm and conserving our energy until the cold spell passes. Winter is a time of rest, although most modern-day work appears to work in the opposite fashion, encouraging us to only take a break in the summer. This seems logical as, after all, who wants to waste their holidays when the weather is miserable? But the winter is hard, both physically and mentally with many struggling with seasonal affective disorder. It’s obvious that the darkness of the winter days takes its toll on our mood and many struggle with the constant battle of finding the motivation to continue working as hard as they have been in previous months. Whilst taking more time to rest and reflect upon the events of the past year will not solve any deep psychological issues it can become a balm to salve some of the pain.

In spring we begin to leave the dens created for ourselves during the winter months and enter back into a vibrant mess of life and colour which inspires us to work longer hours, setting plans into motion and sowing seeds to reap in the coming months. Whilst winter forces us to look within ourselves, spring encourages us to look outward, engaging with the world we are surrounded by. Spring is the perfect time to set into motion plans of change, whether that’s by asking your boss for a pay rise or changing the layout of your home. Spring brings the energy and momentum felt after a sweet night’s rest and using this fully can give life a new sense of excitement.

In the summer months the days are filled with warmth, giving serotonin freely to all who seek it. This is where the hard work sets in, pushing actions to improve ourselves and build upon the foundations set in spring.

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Autumn, a time filled with the smell of pumpkin spice lattes and the subtle shift from wild nights out to cozy nights in. In autumn it’s time to assess and harvest the growth from the year, using the time to evaluate the past year and prepare as much as possible before the cold settles in and ‘Rest’ demands attention again.