Perkasie resident and Souderton Area High institution teacher Richard Curtis is displayed co-hosting “Live v Kelly” v Kelly Ripa Oct. 21. Submitted photograph — David M. Russell, Disney/ABC house Entertainment and also TV Distribution

FRANCONIA >> What to be billed together a dispute to co-host the “Live v Kelly” display for one day might turn out to it is in more.

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Perkasie resident and also Souderton Area High institution teacher Richard Curtis, who endured a collection of cut to success the co-hosting project Oct. 21, has actually been inquiry to return to the seat alongside Kelly Ripa.

“I can confirm the he’s coming ago Nov. 7,” a present spokesperson claimed Oct. 28.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Jared Padalecki will be the guest on Nov. 7, follow to a display release.

The release claimed Curtis beat out thousands of various other entrants to win the Oct. 21 co-hosting position.

Curtis has because said the learned a lot indigenous his illustration on “Live v Kelly” and also shared it through his television manufacturing students once he went back to class.

The school held an all-school pep rally Oct. 21 to watch Curtis ~ above “Live with Kelly.”

With Curtis’ go back to “Live with Kelly,” published and also internet reports have said the opportunity that he could become the long-term co-host, replacing former co-host Michael Strahan.

The present spokesperson claimed they could not comment on co-host speculation.

“Live v Kelly” is country syndicated by Disney/ABC house Entertainment and also TV Distribution. It airs in your ar on WPVI-6ABC in ~ 9 a.m. Mondays with Fridays.

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