“Lookin' at Me” was the third and final single released indigenous Mase’s debut album, Harlem World. The song was developed by The Neptunes and also featured Puff Daddy. Mind you The… check out More 

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Hey yo Mase, you know what i don't like?(Why you over there lookin' at me)I don't like when, you know, I'm in a club(Why you end there lookin' in ~ me)And I'm with my honey(Why you over there lookin' at me)You got, girlfriend know, the hatersThey wanna be hard guys all of a suddenWhy you end there lookin' in ~ meWhile my girl standin' here?Why you end there lookin' in ~ meWhile mine girl standin' here?Hit you through the ice cream grill, friend knowHaha, 'cause her boys ain't through youLittle do they know, the girl role harder thanSome the yo' niggasYou dig?Now what the hell is girlfriend lookin' for?Can't a young man gain money anymore?Let my trousers sag under to the floorReally carry out it matter as long as i score?Can't my auto look much better than yours?Can I have a poor bitch without no flawsCome to check out me without no drawersIn a large Lex with about ten doors?I was Murda, P. Diddy do me prettyDid it for the money, now deserve to you get with me?People wanna know who is he, he gain busySpray so lot izzy, girls acquire dizzyNiggas top top the block know Mase mottoOne thing around Harlem World, us all obtained dough'98 Tahoe, Tommy and a RoscoeCase I'm ever before chased through Donnie Brasco
Why you over there lookin' in ~ meWhile mine girl standin' here?Why you over there lookin' in ~ meWhile mine girl standin' here?Yo, i can't acquire mad 'cause girlfriend look at me'Cause top top the real, look in ~ meYo, it constantly be the haters the be sittin' in the rearDissin' every year, yet they far better listen hereYou cat keepin' that real, you cats is on her own'Cause bein' broke and alone is something i can't condonePlus that won't be lengthy 'til lock send me the domeSit gently, if I'm on the Bentley phoneWhy friend don't like me? 'Cause I'm foolish fly and icy?And why you can't accomplish your wifeyAnd if it wasn't for this bad Boy exposureCD, TV's, really would certainly I recognize ya?Now me and also Blink float in a gold RoverSo it's only right you get the cold shoulderAnd if you acquired a girl, don't be actual committed'Cause Mase will hit it, you obtained to address itWhy you over there lookin' at meWhile mine girl standin' here?Why you over there lookin' in ~ meWhile mine girl standin' here?

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Make it hot baby, make it hot (Come on)Make it warm baby, do it hot (Come on)Make it hot baby, make it hot (Come on)Make it hot baby, make it hot (Come on)(We don't stop)We was every at the Greek Fest, it's hot and also sandyI rental scooters, I'm through my familyTank top, flip flop, yes, really nothing fancyBut gain approached through a girl called TammyWho look great enough to be miss out on MiamiBut say because some her peeps call her CandyThan she starts to ask about Aaliyah and also BrandyTellin' me how she met Puff under at the Grammy's\"He ain't tell you ns was the one with no panties?\"Boo, you understand how countless he meet with no panties?Please, call me something that ns don't knowLike if we have actually sex, you don't want doughAnd if it's no a difficulty you can satisfy me in ~ 10I'll be in room 112 and bring four friendsAnd if girlfriend gon' fight me, it gotta it is in a quickieAnd please no hickies, 'cause wifey's with meWhy you over there lookin' in ~ meWhile mine girl standin' here?Why you over there lookin' at meWhile my girl standin' here?(Repeat till fade)