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Baby I"m Yours is a nu-disco and funk song made by producer and also DJ Breakbot featuring vocals from Irfane. Due to the fact that its release, the song has actually been featured in many Vines, commonly involving a bass-increased or ear rape version of the song after the line "readjust my state of mind, love so difficult to find."


Breakbot, the alias of French producer Thibaut Jean-Marie Michel Berland, initially released the song as a single on February 15th, 2010 on Ed Banger Records, via vocals from Christopher Irfan Khan-Acito, additionally known as Irfane. The single would include remixes and also the B-side "Make You Mine." The song would certainly be rereleased on June 21st, 2010, and also would later be contained in Breakbot"s debut album By Your Side. On June ninth, a music video, featuring surreal watershade imagery, for the song was uploaded by Ed Banger Records to Youtube, acquiring over 48 million views in the next 7 years (presented below).

Two years later on, the song was acknowledged as an inspiration for Bruno Mars" disco hit "Treacertain." Breakbot and also Irfane were attributed as authors to prevent a lawsuit.


In 2016 on Vine, a video clip featuring Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric obtaining hit by a automobile set to the music flourished renowned. As the video begins, the song deserve to be heard beginning faintly, but as soon as the auto hits the guy, the song unexpectedly gets louder and more distorted.

Various other videos of comparable content (human being acquiring into unfortunate events) or simply human being dancing to the song started appearing on multiple other sites such as YouTube.



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Ladies and also Gentlemen, We Got Him

The song was renowned in spanalysis the Ladies and also Gentlemales, We Got Him meme, as a number of videos provided the quote in their remixes. On August fourth, 2018, YouTuber LEGEND uploaded a green background template video featuring the Bremer clip paired with the audio from the song, via the song loudly distorted at the finish (presented below).

On July 2third, 2018, YouTuber Dolan Darker uploaded a video clip entitled "PEWDIEPIE GOT LIGMA", in which PewDiePie asks around the interpretation of the term Sugondese after which the Bremer clip is heard (displayed listed below, left). The very same day, an additional edit was uploaded, featuring Tyler "Ninja" Blevins inquiring about rumors of his death from ligma in an Instagram comment (displayed listed below, right).

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