Many kind of fitness enthusiasts have been aspiring for a item of all-in-one equipment that can lead them closer to their fitness journey.

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Many kind of fitness manufacturers nowadays save that in mind when designing and creating a product that would cater to this sector niche.

Tbelow are many type of excellent options out tright here, however it generally expenses a fortune and also sometimes have the right to expense you your residence room.

Here, we’re going to take a look at an easy fitness tool that guarantees an efficient method to accomplish your fitness purposes without having actually to spend a fortune or sacrificing any type of area – the Lynx Fitness Board.

No issue just how busy your lifestyle is, this is a perfect piece of house gym tools for anyone that desires to attain their fitness goal, as it is simple to usage, straightforward to carry, and deserve to be stored everywhere without difficulty.

Here at, we will certainly carry out you an in-depth review of Lynx Fitness Board for you to understand if this product will finest suit you.

If you’re interested to know more about it, keep analysis.

TLDR: Lynx Fitness Board Overview


Product Description

The Lynx Fitness Board provides a patented friction board style to attain your fitness goals. 

It’s a simple piece of fitness tools through a modest footprint of just 55” x 40” (140cm x 100cm). The friction in between the rectangular plate board and collection of pads has been thoroughly tested to have actually even more control over your movement.

It likewise offers your very own body weight as resistance so you deserve to minimize or protect against injuries.

What’s good around it is that it enables you to move your whole body while stimulating your core with different multi-directional workout routines using the Lynx Fitness Board.

You can carry out extending to enhance flexibility, toughness training utilizing your body weight as resistance, stationary cardio exercises, and the likes.

The Lynx Fitness Board is also right for someone respanning from injuries because of its patented controlled friction architecture, the resistance level cannot exceed the user’s muscular performance that helps prevent added affect on muscles.

Regardless of wbelow you are in your fitness journey, the Lynx Fitness Board is somepoint that can be an important tool to enhance your workouts.


Quiet procedure, best for a small apartment settingIdeal for keeping group workout class arranged since the board is designed to remain within its positionUses body weight as resistancePortable, you have the right to take it anywhere – people with a busy way of life can store it in their vehicle so they can usage it anytime for a quick exerciseIdeal for someone respanning from injuryCan be provided without added gym pieces or equipment


Accessory pads have actually a high threat of getting lostThe surchallenge product is vulnerable to tearing since it is constantly in friction via the had accessories, especially when customers are a bit on the heavy sideNon-Foldable

In-Depth Review: Lynx Fitness Board



Dimensions: 39.37 x 39.37 x 19.69 inches

Weight: 8 lbs.

Colors: Black, White, Pink, Purple, Babsence on Yellow

Package Inclusion: Friction board, 1 pair of hand pads, 1 pair of footpads, 1pc of knee pads

Further Features

Can perdevelop a range of workout variations via its patented friction lynx board and is portable enough to be stored in your car’s trunk.

Quality and Durability

Made from sturdy and high quality materials that can withstand friction movement. The board is designed to stay in its positions also with motion and also exercise regardless of the form of surchallenge it’s on.

The contained accessory sets are ergonomically designed to glide on the board with sufficient friction for controlled movement.


No warranty available for this product

What exercises deserve to you perform?

Several of the exercises you can perform however not restricted to, using the Lynx Fitness Board are the following:

Stationary treadmill motionMountain climber core workoutKnee tucks core workoutPikes for abs/back/buttOblique activity for core bodyPosture correction workoutsCrunches in kneeling positionSliding single leg squats180-level Squat to lungeFly clapModified burpeesModified pull-upsModified push-upsModified squatsVariety of extending motionAnd many kind of more

Who is The Lynx Board best for?

The Lynx Fitness Board is best for fitness enthusiasts trying to find a free fitness tool that deserve to aid them attain their fitness purposes specifically on core body workouts, adaptability training, toughness exercises, and also the likes.

It’s additionally right for world recovering from injuries because of its patented managed friction style, the resistance level cannot exceed the user’s muscular performance, therefore, lessening the chances of aggravating their injuries.

It’s also appropriate for people that want a basic and also organized workout space that deserve to target a selection of muscle teams while being in control over their exercise.

What Do People Say About The Lynx Board?

A evaluation was made by Lynx fitness, wbelow numerous Gym forms of tools go head to head against the lynx board.

It reflects how advantageous having actually a lynx board without the require of spending as well a lot on expensive gym devices. The trainers have actually presented a wide array of different routines and also exercises you can execute making use of this dynamic fitness tool.

Anvarious other youtube video wright here Samantha Busch has actually demonstrated how to tone your legs with the lynx board and friction training.

The Verdict: Is It Something Worth Buying?

The Lynx Fitness Board is a perfect complementary item of exercise devices for those that emphasis on core body exercises.

Since it offers body weight as resistance, you deserve to minimize any type of uncrucial stress and anxiety to your joints when working out using the managed friction motions and organic range of motion.

It’s portable sufficient to be stored in your car’s trunk so you can pull it out anytime while you’re in the office, for instance, for a quick workout session.

If you’re the form who wants something organized, a neat-looking workout area, this can additionally be for you.

Just a second reminder, you must keep it effectively to avoid shedding any kind of of its accessories, because this tool have the right to be impractical if pads are damaged or shed.

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